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In Tam'nýer—a', the 32 Gods and Goddesses are viewed as transcendent truth. They define the world, their stories are eternal, and they touch and resonate with us as only myths can do. Their lessons are profound and multi-layered; they are compelling for the spiritual truth-seeker and the mundane-preoccupied alike. In other words, the perfect guides on our soul journey, allowing us to meditate and discover ourselves in all our beautiful complexity, but also to co-create our paths; make our own tapestry.

As everything, especially when it comes to mythos, they can be left open to interpretation individual to individual, but ultimately there lies a fundamental lesson. And, as in traditional Tarot, the people of Tam'nýer—a' use cards to garner a sense of tangible guidance, a better understanding of the self, outer forces and the universe as a whole. 

On this page we will delve into the meaning of the many Gods & Goddesses and how they can be interpreted in a reading.

The Cards, Gods
  their Meanings


1 - Rhīșña'V, God of Fate & Creator of the Divines

the natural order but also the chaos, the laws of nature, being detached and impartial, fate, chance, order and randomness beyond our understanding, holding the fabric of the universe together


  • MUNDANE READING; Good luck, the concept of either going with the flow and being assisted by the invisible forces, in or swimming against the tide, being supported and successful. The natural order of things resonating with your current path; taking chances. Stalwart in the face of chaos; understanding that discord can be beneficial to reveal inner strengths

  • REVERSED; Bad luck, loss of faith which endangers the entire being, a spiritual entropy. Impartial; keen detachment or dissociation. Hindrance by forces unknown and giving in. Giving one’s power away to explosive or implosive emotions, outside forces; becoming complacent with destruction.

2 - Vojshā, Goddess of the Veil

invisible protection, threshold and in-between, seeing beyond appearances, esoteric knowledge, restoration of faith 


  • MUNDANE READING;  Look beyond mere appearances and not to take things at face value. Keen sense of intuition, stepping lightly and being cautious paying off. Understanding the whole of the situation in order to make the best decision. Blossoming sense of worth and self; everything coming together, full circle.

  • REVERSED; Blinded by something else and in danger of losing faith; secrets. Deception whether meant or not. Good intentions gone wrong; overstepping, imposing to the point of being toxic, meddling. Focusing too much on outer things rather than inner or to the point of forgetting inner all together.

3 - Q'Tam'šmă, Goddess of the Sea 

life, despair, torment, and strength, Mother of All - matter, the matrix holding us together, the feminine principle, the mother, the path of suffering, sacrifice, the infinite possibilities of life, the possibility to lose one’s self 

  • MUNDANE READING; Strong female figure, feminine energy, acceptance of one’s sufferings, suffering and/or emotional loss, sacrifice. In the future it can also mean change or transformation by getting lost in something whether it be a hobby or a new lover, etc. Inner strength, perseverance. A weakening of one’s foundation only to build back up again.

  • REVERSED; This card cannot be reversed; we are all surrounded by the Mother of All, and there is no up and down or left or right. 

4 - Nýer—a', God of the Sky, ‘Father of All’  

spirit, our guiding light, the masculine principle, the father, the detached or rational path, understanding and knowledge, intelligent design, beneficial influence which comes with a price


  • MUNDANE READING; A strong male figure, masculine energy, authority or society; the cultural and societal norms. A heightened interest in the arts and sciences, higher learning; a need for better understanding. Climbing to a pedestal whether self imposed, familial or societal. Following one’s spirit even if outer voices are loud. Without doubt, solid foundations, becoming sure in one’s footing. Rationale, though there may be a price, the price is worth it.

  • REVERSED; Light of the spirit is rather dim, which may be because of a passionate nature or impulses taking over. Be weary of ignorance, or a lingering mystery or enigma. Potential skeletons in the closet coming to the forefront as the lesson has been ignored. A notice of revolving doors, or repeating situations. 

5 - Uu'krieuvan, God of Death & Reincarnation

transformation, something which dies and is reborn, readiness to take the next step in one’s evolution, mysteries of life and death, magic, healing, alchemy, the sad sweetness coming with the transience of things

  • MUNDANE READING; Ending and new beginning, death, a new birth, something which needs to (symbolically) die in someone’s life to make room for a new, letting go of things, change; forceful or not 

  • REVERSED; it is generally considered a negative omen. This is because you may be getting in your own way, or experiencing fear, anxiety. Backing yourself into a corner can lead to wild emotions keeping you from straying from your current path in a way you do not want. However, if you are being backed into a corner by others, this chaos may be the right motivation to get you on a new path you did not know you needed.
    *You may pull another card for clarification as a guide/support

6 - Nue, The Moon, Goddess of Companionship

companionship, acceptance of others as they are, being faithful, unconditional love

  • MUNDANE READING; Balance, understanding of self and others involved. Acceptance, good heart. Loyal, faithful. Rich in matters of the heart, love and knowing people for who they are. Patience. Unadulterated good spirit. Strong companionship with peers and others; sense of belonging. Mindfulness.

  • REVERSED; Be wary of toxicity. Devaluing, diminished capacity, taken for granted. Desperation. Step lightly, but perhaps quickly. A sense of being trapped. Self reflection. A requirement for balance. Feeling stranded, lost, abandonment. A loss or distortion of self-worth. 

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