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Khah'Xia is the title of the Khah' ruler. Think of it as a title for the head of the Federation of the Sky-Coral Sea, no matter the gender of the current ruler. Now before we get too ahead of ourselves, when in Uwhang, the ruler is referred to as the “Khah'Xia,” of course. However, she is also referred to (much more simply) as the Empress of Uwhang, or the Sky-Coral Sea. If you are curious as to what her name is, once she was elected to be the leader of her people, and in Khah' tradition once elected that is till death, the ruler renounces their name. This is akin to the idea of Queen Elizabeth I, as she was Queen and never took a husband as she was 'married to England'. The Khah'Xia's old life, and therefore old name too, no longer are important because she is the embodiment of her people, culture and beliefs.

With that out of the way, the current ruler is clearly a woman, with a title like Empress. She is rather elderly, though she does not look it. It is thought that she is extremely close to that of 10 Tam'nýer—a''n years, yet has no difficulty being active, and looks as youthful as she was in her prime. Thanks to this, it is believed that she keeps the artifact of Sùrelï's Last Words somewhere in her throne room, or her chambers which are located right above. But with such a believed rumour (which is most likely true), how does the Empress stay safe? Well, despite the Khah' being regarded as the lover race, the Khah'Xia is never without an army in full dress around the throne room and her chambers as wherever she is, is the epicenter of their people. They are always, always on guard, and these guards are trained from a young age in a specific village, built to breed the best of the best to protect their ruler.


Despite the army, the Khah'Xia appears calm, soft spoken, though do not take that as if she is a push over. She has no issue being assertive. The current Khah'Xia is well respected, and is viewed as a benevolent yet cunning leader. Of course, the Khah'Xia is only the ruler of the Federation, or the Sky-Coral Sea (Uwhang) as a whole. Each village runs itself, hence why it is known as the Federation of the Sky-Coral Sea. The entirety of the nation communicates via an intricate system of runners, or Uklara riders, as well as the Storytellers. These are the main ones that gain an audience with the Khah'Xia, other than foreign rulers. She offers advice and organizes aid, or food to her people where and when needed. She is the main cog of the system, but also the oil can. Her responsibility is not a light one, as she rules over 10 million people.

To describe to you what the Empress looks like, as you may be curious, her face is not very well known, as in public, she always wears a veil of black, embroidered with yellow gold thread. For a Khah' she is on the darker side, in contrast to the usual white, and paints her nails with a certain type of berry, to give a white sheen, as amongst the Khah' the colours one wears shows their personality. If you were curious, she does not have a consort.

12 Greater FAMILIES


Püertagœ is a vast metropolis. The entire city is famous for its 12 great walls that signifies the 12 Greater Families that rule over it and its people. Püertagœ is a melting pot of the races and all are welcome, but what's important to know is that superstitions and reputation reign here and its 12 Greater Families are subject to higher expectations and scrutiny as they are not solely looked to as rulers but examples of how one should behave and be. This puts immense amounts of pressure on any member of the Greater 12. In truth, the Greater 12 are regarded much like how we regard celebrities today. Scandal and gossip are high; it is all the rage, and even though the stakes are high, the Greater 12 have no choice but to play this 'game' that they have been born into. Like Hollywood itself, you have the more famous of the bunch and the lesser, but all are still part of this separated world of luxury, class and money.

Included in this list is which characters are OPEN TO CLAIM for roleplay on our forums, which you can find here.

The Zûtran
Patron Deity: Bók-T'ak, Goddess of Air & Sexual Dalliance

Originally from ZàÞça at the time where it was the most prosperous city in all Tam'nýer—a', during its trading era before the rise of Püertagœ, the Zûtran family has preserved its strong roots there, as if deeply anchored in the stone the city is carved out of. The history of the family itself is well recorded in their ancestral home, now transformed into a retirement villa for the oldest Zûtran alive, Zara Marija Zûtran, a formidable old lady with the blackest most intrusive eyes anyone had seen, and a terrible temper. Ostensibly, Zara had elected to accompany one of her pregnant nieces to ZàÞça as per tradition and then to remain there. Rumors in Püertagœ abound, however, that the old Zara had not voluntarily relocated herself to ZàÞça, but was exiled, shipped there more or less by force by her oldest son, currently the Head of the Zûtran family, Xandru Baldassar Zûtran, whose wife could no longer bear the old crone in her house.

Other rumors, which unknowingly to the public in Püertagœ happen to be validated by the family journals which are carefully preserved and kept secret, are that the Zûtran family made their fortunes at sea through a combination of smuggling and piracy, at a time when rules against pirates were not so strictly enforced, and only later, under the leadership of Baldassar Gan Zûtran who held political ambitions, actual trading and commerce. Another piece of gossip which nobody dares to say out loud is that the Zûtran women worship Bók-T'ak more literally than they should for a Greater Family of Püertagœ, including on the very steps of the Temple.

The Zûtrani are very easy to recognize by their black hair, black eyes, and olive colored skin. The build is lean and agile, as if they had lived as nomads in the desert before establishing themselves in ZàÞça, and irrespective of who marries into the family, the Zûtrani genes will be predominant to a certain extent. The Zûtrani are known to select their mates very carefully, with a preference for humans, human hybrids or Khah’, especially of dark coloring. Bar any violent deaths of which they had many, the Zûtrani tend to have somewhat long lives.

Despite or maybe because the rumors about them which the Zûtrani may or may not encourage, they are feared amongst the Greater Families of Püertagœ because of their wicked temper and vengeful character. There is a saying that if you anger a Zûtrani, you anger all of them.


Rule of Succession:

For the Zûtran it is more of a gender decision, always choosing the eldest son, no matter how capable their women may be. Women may only become Head of the Family in rare circumstances, such as Zara Zûtran's.

Zûtran Family Members:

Xandru Baldassar Zûtran is the current Head of the Zûtran family, now 45 Earth years, has always felt he was in the shadow of his father all his life, despite his mother Zara never saying anything of the sort to him. He is however a very strong man and has managed, with his mother’s support, to rebuild everything which had been lost in the wake of his father’s murder. He married Ester when he was 23, and they have two daughters, one of whom is herself recently married and gave birth to a son in ZàÞça, who was named Baldassar and appointed as the Heir to the Family.

Ester Zûtran (née Vaughnyèl) was the eldest Vaughnyèl of the last generation. Ester was strong willed and was not shy about openly disagreeing with anyone. Needless to say, the woman was passionate. So much so in fact that she found a better sense of family in the Zûtran, and married their Head of House to be, Xandru Baldassar Zûtran, when she was just 24 years old, and he 23. While this seems old considering the age of maturity for Humans is 16, the Greater 12 tend to marry once they have passed their mid 20's, sometimes early 30's in order to 'take time and make the best decision'. Xandru and Ester clearly married for love, and while she lived was a dedicated mother and wonderful shoulder for Xandru. She died at 46 earth years of age.

Zara Marija Zûtran is somewhat of a denounced matriarch of the Zûtran family, widow, 67 Earth years, has been exiled to ZàÞça by her oldest son, currently the Head of the Zûtran family. Old Zara is however scheming, sharp as ever and forever in contact with her son through letters written in a secret code, so there may be less truth to the “exile” than it is commonly assumed.

Xanadia Zara Zûtran is the middle child of the Zûtran family, 38 Earth years, has never married. Tomboyish and adoring his father as a child (she was only 8 Earth years when he was killed), she is rumored to like Khah’ females, and to own a number of slaves of that race. She is also said to be very skillful with a blade, and in true Zûtrani fashion, to have dedicated her life to finding her father’s killer.

Marija Zara Zûtran is the youngest Zûtrani child, 33 Earth years, has chosen to be a Healer in ZàÞça. Not much is known about Marija in Püertagœ, but she is reputed to be very beautiful.


The Oßläße

Patron Deity: Praq-huykl', God of Earth & Harvest

The history of the Oßläße family is tied to Trótskarr, but especially Ñabivtzi, where 3/4's of the Noîka crops can be found. While the family doesn’t have a full monopoly of the Noîka plantation business, they do control most of it, and this since Žraăst'e's Ire set aflame most Noîka crops in Trótskarr and destroyed entire families and businesses five Tam'nýer—a''n years ago. While many in ZàÞça remember this time as a tragedy, for the Oßläße it was an opportunity to get wealthier and also to improve their standing and image by helping others.

Indeed, it was the ancestors of the Oßläße family that designed and built a long time ago the artificial basins and the mudbrick walls in Ñabivtzi encasing and sheltering the crops from sandstorms and summer storms. This ultimately permitted them to be watered and kept alive even during harsh weather such as the Ire. The fact that the Oßläße family survived Žraăst'e's Ire almost unscathed is now legend and their reputation has soared as a result. It has since allowed them to expand their influence immensely during the last two generations. There are even rumors that the Oßläße family is exporting even to the trading hub of Dhaghana in the northern continent, albeit indirectly through a Z'sa'Ză-'Bäa merchant, which would be an enormous achievement if proven true.

In more recent history, the Oßläße family was, however, negatively impacted by the Sẙg—stà', the Red Sands War. Only Tam'nýer—a''n year ago, as the Giyu and the Sk'älik were nearly wiped out, the Oßläße which had ties to the Giyu and benefited from their animal husbandry knowledge found a portion of their business disrupted, and also found that no Sk'älik merchants wanted to trade with them in the aftermath of the bloody war. This has been a challenge for the Oßläße family in recent years, as their production costs for the make-up have increased greatly. In further consequence, because they actively offered no support to the Giyu either, Giyu tend to spit on the name Oßläße.


Rule of Succession:

When it comes to succession, the Oßläße have long ago decided that the Heir is chosen by the current Head when they are nearing retirement. All children in the main line, either male or female, eldest or youngest, are eligible, based on how they have conducted themselves and the skills and talents they can bring to the family. The criteria and selection process are not openly discussed outside of the family, of course.

Oßläße Family Members:

Kéil Gazæ Oßläße is a headstrong man with the keen ability to be able to separate sentiment from logic. However, that does not mean that he is incapable of seeing both sides of the coin. The Oßläße Starosta tends to look onward to the big picture almost to a fault, ignoring the fact that small ripples can make a big change. This is why his wife, Dãos Væ, is such a trusted advisor. Needless to say, the two are very close and well respected amongst the other 12. Kéil Gazæ, when not engulfed in matters of state or in his wife's company can be found visiting his brother Tîgró, or indulging in a bit of drink and a good game of Ur.


Dãos Væ Oßläße (née Nittgrat), the namesake of her daughters, is a strong woman. She is a queen at saving face, grace and cunning. Like most women of the 12, Dãos Væ Oßläße knows exactly what she is doing. Though she has the money to look the part of a Starosta's wife, she dresses plainly, letting her outward behaviour speak volumes, rather than showing off or wearing her wealth. She plays the part of an obedient wife, but truthfully, in the candlemarks of the night, Dãos Væ is usually her husband's sounding board, working almost in tandem. It used to be rumored that she sabotaged her sister that fateful day when she was to be introduced to the Oßläße as a potential wife, happily taking her place, but over time that has quieted since Dãos Væ & the Oßläße Starosta pair so well together.

Tîgró Gazæ Oßläße is the older brother of the current Head of the Family and the one whom runs the Oßläße businesses in ZàÞça and the Noîka crops in Ñabivtzi. He is in fact the eldest of three children, two brothers and one sister, but was passed over for the position of Head of the Family because his strengths are more in managing the land and the crops. He highly dislikes Püertagœ and politics and tries to avoid travelling as much as possible. He is truly a son of Trótskarr.

Kéil Væ Oßläße tends to be bit crude, as he is a brute. More brawn than brain. Took to physical activities more than books, and it shows, without question. He has a hard time sitting still, and focusing is not his strong suit which is mostly why he is the way he is. However, when it comes to people he remembers names, and faces so easily it is a bit disarming, and makes him quite useful in social settings. He may not be a bookworm but once he meets you, he'll never forget you.

Væ Tîgró Oßläße instantly brings a word to mind and that word is 'posh'. She owns two Drr'ţö, and enjoys training them herself. She's demanding, haughty, but stunning, and walks on air. When she enters a room, her aura demands your attention. Without a doubt her presence alone demands to be noticed, and respected. Her good looks don't help any either. She looks like a man eater and probably is one.

Dãos Kéil Oßläße in comparison to her older sister, is beautiful, quiet, and the most well read out of her siblings. She much prefers plants to animals & people even. While she may be meek in larger social settings, when it comes to discussions and debates in the privacy of the family home, she is usually one to take the family by surprise and spout the most reasonable thing. Dãos takes after their father in this way and by that notion, she is very much a daddy's girl.

The Mzlœbe
Patron Deity: Ilăș, God of Manipulation

The Mzlœbe Family, though being one of the 12 already, is one of the oldest known families in Tam'nýer—a’. Though because of this, of course, their history is somewhat muddled in places and its been designed that way due to it carrying some untoward truths.

You see before the Gods died and the world had a major shift in its relations, most especially when it concerns the Ṅkhya'jra, the Mzlœbe were well acquainted with them, having many meetings of the minds. Plainly said, while most of the 12 are affiliated with the Khah’, the Mzlœbe have ancient ties to the Ṅkhya'jra.

Though today it has been more or less washed out of sight and mind, some children on the rare occasion are born with dark green eyes rather than the mere Human greens which are noticeably much lighter or solely in speckles. And then the greys, and light purples too.

The eyes, with usually dark hair and paler skin tones, the Mzlœbe have their own aesthetic, much like the To'mássœ Family. Further still, their women are usually incredibly slender, and the closer the tie to these genetic roots, the sharper the features are.

To help distance themselves, and after the large split of the rest of Tam'nýer—a’ and the Ṅkhya'jra, the Head of Mzlœbe Family from four generations ago went so far as to disown his own brother for taking on a Ṅkhya'jra bride. These people are actually the grandparents of the current Marshall of the Military and the great grandparents of Z’jînn Kă’fș Sæxð.

With this in mind the Mzlœbe are known as equally as the To'mássœ Family for military prowess. However, despite being disowned from the ‘official’ Mzlœbe Family, the Mzlœbe count the Marhsall as one of their own, in a cruel irony abolishing the disgrace of the obviously disowned part of the Mzlœbe Family, despite now carrying a different surname.

This is because the Marshall’s status, not to mention his son’s aptitude, has made it worth re-including them into the proper family. Most especially when it means they can outshine the To'mássœ in modern day.

This all aside, the Mzlœbe are also known for advancing the sciences when it comes to mathematics, most especially when it comes to astronomy. Ultimately, their claim to fame based on this is that the Mzlœbe helped define time itself and that the fortune gained from it has never dried up. Candles to mark the passage of time, and clocks that are true to VüƑ carry the Mzlœbe name.


Rule of Succession:
The Mzlœbe tend to watch and observe in an attempt to make the best decision possible. Picking the heir is also a family decision, not solely left up to the Head of the Family’s judgment. Indeed, once all the children of the Head of Family’s generation have reached the age of maturity, a private vote is held by the elders to decide.

Mzlœbe Family Members:

Rhys Balažs Mzlœbe is the youngest of his siblings and was a boisterous young man. Ambition was in his veins and it showed from a young age. He made a point to be overly eager about absorbing any information, open to hearing the wisdom of his elders, but to him, it was all a game. He received great praise and attention for doing this, and it only continued to raise him in his parents' eyes, where he was quick to learn, truly mattered. He catered to whims, and yet stood his ground on matters where he could not hide his passion. As a grown man and father now himself, Rhys Balažs is calm, usually with a hint of a smile. His passions he keeps behind closed doors, though it is said that he still practices with a sword whenever he is able. He is never afraid of speaking his mind, yet he does so with such tact that it does not matter if his views are the opposite of yours; you will get a challenge, a warning and kindness wrapped all into one.

Véral Alîz Mzlœbe, eldest child and first daughter, is interested in sciences and mathematics. While the eldest brother is a romantic at heart, she could not be bothered with love. It would be nice eventually to have a companion, but while her brain and body is young she would much rather focus on her studies. Though if she found a partner to experiment and debate with it would be perfection. She spends a lot of her time going back and forth to Fawzia-Kedet.

Ycran Balažs Mzlœbe, eldest son and second child, is a romantic, but also a pessimist. He believes that no one is innocent as we come out all touched by the Gods already (Sureli as an example). This of course shows a very critical and stringent mindset. Ycran is more action than talk, but knows how to socialize when out and about. In fact, he is surprisingly charming when not putting his foot down on something.

Rhys Aktanas Mzlœbe middle child and second son. Rhys has somewhat of a reputation for being arrogant, lascivious, as well as stubborn. Truth be told, Rhys prefers it that way, living to the tune of the façade despite doing charity work with his youngest sibling, and having a legitimate personal interest to keep up with the affairs of the world.

Alîz Trivǎßt Mzlœbe fourth child and second daughter, is extremely determined and in the military. She has every desire to become the next Marshall. She knows when to make the hard decisions of leaving people behind in an emergency and has a large capacity for compassion. Whatever she puts her mind to will get done.

Aktanas Kîtrañ Mzlœbe, youngest child at being the fifth and third son. Feeling somewhat drowned out by the accomplishments of his older siblings, Aktanas puts his mind to doing good for the people rather than focusing on the progression of his family's reputation despite his work reflecting extremely well on it. While Aktanas is the face of the charity work, one would be surprised that the other hand in it would be his older brother Rhys. Aside from Rhys helping though, Aktanas is always looking for the next cause. Heart of gold, this one.

The Brièreþ

Patron Deity: Dancing Maiden of Czek'athü, Goddess of Autumn

The Brièreþ are one of the most underestimated Great Families of Püertagœ, mainly because they increased in wealth and influence steadily and because of the little involvement of the Head of Family in the Senate in recent years.

The Family has made its fortunes through the farming of Ycemneijéu in the Lung & Ribs Continents. The current patriarch, Adank Zarn Brièreþ, is seemingly content with the peaceful countryside lifestyle. All that is about to change, however, with the coming of age of the youngest son (and fifth child), as the mother, Adank’s second and much younger wife, is ambitious and desirous to ensure good marriages for her step-daughters and strong alliances to expand the influence of the family. She took all the five children and moved to Püertagœ, where she has launched into the life of a socialite with gusto.

Rule of Succession:
For the Brièreþ it is always choosing the eldest son, no matter how capable their women may be. However, unlike the stipulation for the Zûtran Family that females may be chosen with no males. the Brièreþ have no way for women to become the Head of their Family (Starosta). If the current Head of Family dies and has no son, it would then go to the person's brother, if they had one. If not, it would go to the closest male kin.​


Brièreþ Family Members:

Adank Zarn Brièreþ is the Head of the Brièreþ Family, and while one of the most profitable families, the recent Milk Sickness has gotten the family some understandable flack, though Adank's young wife, luckily in the city, has helped the old man save face, especially since hardly anyone expects him to appear at Senate meetings anymore. He knows he should go back to Püertagœ on a more regular basis, however there is something about the countryside that calls to him as the ocean or Gods call to others. He is pleased and satisfied by the simple things in life, yet do not mistake that for laziness. Adank was an active Starosta for quite a long time. He has not forgotten the ins & outs of politics, and his wit is still sharp. He is still known for much tongue in cheek.

Aldora Raina Brièreþ is the second wife of the Starosta Brièreþ, she is still young and very ambitious. Beautiful and smart, she loves and dotes on all her children, including her four stepdaughters. Because in the Brièreþ Family the Headship passes to the first male child, she is quite secure in her position and not jealous of the daughters, although she feels like she isn’t loved or respected enough by them. She wishes to help them secure good marriages and also at the same time consolidate the family’s power and influence.

Willan Herda Brièreþ is the oldest at 35 Earth years. She felt responsible for her sisters after their mother died, and grew into a strong powerful woman but who is also a bit too harsh on herself and others as well. She doesn’t want to get married, because she cherishes her independence and doesn’t see the advantages of a marriage of convenience. Secretly, she would get married if she found the love of her live, even if they (she is pansexual) were the poorest person in Püertagœ.

Kim Ingold Brièreþ is pious in her private hours, she is a devout follower of Khayar'l, Goddess of Compassion. She seeks to always be compassionate and never selfish, and to help people as much as she can. She is involved with numerous charity projects, including making sure that the X'jürtasm received enough supplies. Intelligent, book smart, gets along better with older people as she is beyond her years. Takes pleasure in observing, tinkering, understanding how everything works.

Gisel Roos Brièreþ is a bit of a wild creature. Beautiful and talented, things have already come easy for her, and she generally got everything she wanted on her first try. A little spoiled, but a good soul. She is dreaming of love and prince charming, but is more in love with the idea of love.

Adah Herda Brièreþ is the youngest daughter, her mother died in childbirth and therefore Adah had always felt guilty for bringing about her mother’s death, although nobody ever implied such a thing. Withdrawn and quiet, she’s a wall flower, and extremely sensitive about the fact that she resembles closely her mother Herda Adah Brièreþ. She is very close to her sister Gisel, although she is her exact opposite.

Alzen Zarn Brièreþ is the first and only child of the second spouse of the Head of the Family. Alzen is still young, impulsive, naïve, and very close to his mother still, despite being the age of maturity.

The Sum'nër'
Patron Deity: Vojshā, Goddess of the Veil

As long as the Sum'nër' name has been recorded, this family has been regarded as merchants. Family members over generations may have branched off into their own interests, but ultimately, those individual pursuits became incorporated into the family business.

In ZàÞça is where the Sum'nër''s gained a solidified notoriety as a family of irrefutable industry, diligence and wealth.

When the Sum'nër' Family was strongly situated in ZàÞça they traded as never before and had gained strength in the mere mention of their name. Any products sold under the Sum'nër' title became associated with quality, something still relevant in modern Tam'nýer—a' despite all the recent scandals.


Rule of Succession:

The Sum'nër' have one the simplest rules for succession; eldest rules.

Sum'nër' Family Members:

Shidday Dra'z'ma Sum'nër' was born the eldest, before her son D'rÿden Kăval Sum’nër’ and was indeed the one who carried the Sum'nër' name, not her husband, who was merely a well-off merchant who caught her eye. Unfortunately, as time would have it, the man would prove unfaithful, but he gave Shidday wonderful children, aside from Yäle. The family has gone through many hardships, and Shidday who was once a very vivacious and headstrong woman has fallen frail with her age. She is still quite content and a proud mother, but in the light of her youngest child taken to tyranny with the successive betrayal of her husband, Shidday made way for her eldest to take the reigns of the family.

D'rÿden Kăval Sum’nër’, the eldest, is the heir of the Sum'nër' family, and currently holds the title of Head of House, the highest in the familial hierarchy of the 12 Greater Families. With this position is heavy responsibility as he must ensure the welfare of not only his living family of which he helps produce, but also his brothers, sisters, his mother, uncles, aunts, cousins. With this is also the family business of being prominent merchants. D'rÿden is casual in social settings but has a mind made for business. Relaxed, yet calculating, he sits on a powerhouse of innate drive, as well as ambition.

Reža' Ysfol Sum’nër’ is the second eldest and second son. Reža' most certainly has a notoriety amongst the other 12 Greater Families as a 'playboy', if you will. He enjoys the luxuries of which he was born to and utilizes it all. He is affluent, dresses well, is attractive and was gifted with a silver tongue. His social standing paired with required social gatherings only aided him in honing it. Reža' will sometimes aid with diplomatic relations to do with his family's mercantile business as well.

Lynūri Përzîna Sum’nër' is the third eldest and first daughter. Lynūri is propriety when needed to be, but because of her station, she tends to fall into the thought that she is deserving of her status. Servants are servants and therefore should be used. She is polite, but has no issue forming judgement and voicing her opinions behind closed doors, although while she may dislike you, she will be nothing but sweetness to your face. In this sense she can be considered somewhat tactful. Lynūri is an avid socialite, and prefers having many suitors, as she is in no way against stringing them along for her own gains. However, as always, her politeness and understood general candor is quintessential etiquette, her reputation more or less stays stain free.

Yäle Shiday Sum’nër' is the youngest child and second daughter. Yäle is, without a doubt, the most known member of the entire Sum’nër' family, and is a not only a true black sheep of said family, but a wanted criminal by all of Püertagœ. Yäle chose life as a pirate and embraces it. She started her 'career' by none other than commandeering one of her family's own vessels, and the one built to be it's new fleet ship. When all is said and done however, Yale is passionate, mercurial, caring and vicious. She has, however, since died.

The To'mássœ
Patron Deity: Khayar'l, Goddess of Compassion, War, Induced Death & Bias

The To'mássœ Family is one of the 12 Greater Families of Püertagœ, solidifying it as one of the better known families amongst the Humans of Tam'nýer—a'. Perhaps the most famous event in the families history, besides the involvement in the founding of the great city itself, is the conquest of what would become Fawzia-Kedet. The To'mássœ were at the time prominent leaders in the burgeoning city's military. Fearing the reasons behind the powerful Ṅkhya'jra closing the doors to one of the most glorious cities in Tam'nýer—a', the To'mássœ began to prepare for war and were the most vocal family in the Senate to push for war.

The To'mássœ found an ally, particularly the Khah' Family of Tos' who shared the fears of the humans to the east. Combining their forces, the two families led their people in the initial attack and stormed the city of Fawzia-Kedet in a brilliant siege, ultimately purging it of the Ṅkhya'jra living inside. Helping found the city of Fawzia-Kedet, the To'mássœ firmly cemented themselves in the very fabric of Tam'nýer—a', something they would remind anyone and everyone for the next few generations.

The war, however, short it might have been, began a long-lasting relationship with the Tos' family which quickly flourished into more than a simple meeting of like minds and blossomed into a full-blown alliance. Between the two families, they garnered a massive reputation for both military service, martial prowess, and generally a high quality of arms. Fast forward nearly 11 Tam'nýer—a''n years, the ever curious Môsa To'mássœ personally brought a new shipment of arms from Uwhang into Püertagœ. Little did Môsa know, but a great plague known as the Ush-Tepz' was spreading through the lower rings like wildfire. Being a bit of a showboat, Môsa decided to travel from the outer rings all the way inside.

Though he was quickly ushered from the plague-ridden areas, it was too late. Môsa brought the plague home with him, and it decimated the To'mássœ. They were quarantined, and there were genuine fears that they might be purged for the good of the rest of the Senate. Môsa's father, Korišan was one of the four survivors and he decided to stay in Püertagœ while the rest fled the city into semi-permanent exile with their allies in Uwhang. 1 year later the To'mássœ made their triumphant return to the city, though it was somber as it was to mourn the passing of Korišan To'mássœ, father of the foolish Môsa. The new To'mássœ descendants did not look much like the family that had left. A new generation of half-Khah' along with their parents were welcomed cautiously into the ranks of the highest nobles.

Though they were accepted as the heirs to the To'mássœ tradition, the To'mássœ were slow to be fully integrated into the Püertagœ social world, as if some of the stigmas from their brush with the plague remained. Thus began a tradition, in order to continue the family line, the To'mássœ were forced to look back to their other homeland: Uwhang, for suitors and mates, and the other 11 Greater Families. It has been a long time since those grim days, and so thanks to occasional mixes with Püertagœ nobility the ratio of Khah' to human has remained relatively fixed at about 3/4 Khah'.

The To'mássœ today now make some of the most unusual members of Püertagœ's noblest families but their pride and reputation has been restored and is now as strong as ever. The family now represents the strong ties that Püertagœ as a city has with the Khah' as a whole, and indeed some native Püertagœn Khah' point to the To'mássœ as evidence of their native status.

Rule of Succession:

The To'mássœ Family chooses its successor to the Head of the Family rather easily, though they only truly have one proper heir, there are a couple who have been chosen in case of a worst case scenario. To'mássœ choose the first born female to be the current Head of the Family if there are no complications.

To'mássœ Family Members:

Tos'Lénari To'mássœ is the matriarch of the To'mássœ family and is primarily Khah'. She has watched over it for nearly four Tam'nýer—a''n years after the unexpected death of her mother during one of the worst storms in memory. As her life enters its last phase, Lénari must train her children to take over. Further, she must take advantage of the opportunities that the time has presented. Lénari has learned over the years, it is that opportunity's knock must never go unanswered.

Tos'Mõrtani To'mássœ is the eldest of the To'mássœ heirs and takes that position seriously. Though his younger sister is almost certainly going to head the family after Lénari's retirement or death, Mõrtani is the face of the new generation and will probably continue to be the most public of the sometimes reclusive family. Mõrtani makes his position, family name, and self known amongst the people by the simple fact that he is in the Püertagœn military, and fits in quite well there. His patrols, as he climbs the ranks, mainly permit him to be well acquainted with all the activity of the docks and cistern. He is popular among the locals there most especially.

Tos'Aëstyra To'mássœ is the youngest of the To'mássœ heirs and yet is the presumed heir. This is because the family tradition is for the women of the family to be the heads. Aëstyra spent all her youth and most of her young adult life in Uwhang with her paternal grandmother. This was agreed upon by Aëstyra's mother Lénari, with special caveats. Aëstyra was allowed to grow up in Uwhang but tutors and specialists from Püertagœ were brought in to ensure that Aëstyra was taught the essentials for social living. Aëstyra is noted for being a fierce individual, aggressive and reckless. She is not a child and her tactics are no more childish than she. Instead, Aëstyra is simply driven to make her mark. She is the scion of a proud family with proud traditions, a mother famous for her insight and shrewdness, and brothers all placed in prominent military positions befitting their prowess and skill. It will not be many more years before Aëstyra is called upon to lead the family, and she is determined that before that day comes, she'll have proven herself beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Kyre'Dÿsren To'mássœ is not a direct heir to the To'mássœ family, though she is of the same age of the current heirs. In fact for a short time, before the birth of Aëstyra To'mássœ, she was, in fact, the heir as the closest related female of the branch families. Dÿsren is a first cousin to the ruling family, being the daughter of Lénari To'mássœ's younger brother. Dÿsren bears Aëstyra no ill will, being too little to understand the position she had lost when Aëstyra was born. All the To'mássœ are very close by generation, and she considers Aëstyra and Mõrtani to be more like siblings than cousins. Dÿsren has developed a notable reputation for consorting with the lower classes. One is more likely to find Dÿsren in the last three rings of Püertagœ than in the first three. What Dÿsren finds so fascinating there, or what she accomplishes is something known only to Dÿsren, but rumors abound. 

Vigñai To'mássœ is the older sister of the To'mássœ matriarch Tos'Lénari, and acts as the primary go-between for the Püertagœn and Sky-Coral Sea branches of the family. Vigñai always had an inkling that she would never lead the family despite being the older, and rather than fall to bitterness or indolence she made her own path. However, it was making up her own sense of morality and assumption that she would never become the Starosta anyways that led her down the path to marrying Kyre'Proßmă and making Lénari seem like the more feasible choice. When the Ush—tepz' plague hit and with so much prestige and position lost during the plague, the To'mássœ turned to their ancient roots in the Sky-Coral Sea for salvation and Vigñai, being married to a prestigous Khah', forged a path to make this happen by garnering enough power to even get the ear of the Empress herself, aside from Lénari's as being a member of Püertagœ's senate. With the shift of their family into naval ship production, the family's extensive lumber operations would now have the largest customer imaginable. Vigñai is now the primary contact between the two branches of the family, and frequently travels between Uwhang and Püertagœ. Vigñai sees a great future for her family and is determined to be the reason it occurs.

The Vaughnyèl
Patron Deity: Llunon, Goddess of Water, Will & Strength

The Vaughnyèl Family is one of the most recognized of the 12 Great Families of Püertagœ. The Vaughnyèls are a close knit family, and in any big decision they hold council-esque meetings. These are usually held after the Head of House's Senate duties to keep the entire family apprised of what it going on in Püertagœ making them akin to a well-oiled machine and this is what allows them to get so much done, rather than putting the majority of the Family business solely on the Head of House's shoulders as is customary for other Greater Families.

The Vaughnyèls are popular amongst their people, but it is not by hosting events for the public, being philanthropists or having merchant or agricultural power. For the Vaughnyèls it is actually thanks to their political prowess and the motions they put forth to the Senate for the betterment of the rich and powerful.

A couple of prime examples of this is their focus in planning with Bharabu, which includes when Naval ships can dock there, as well as for those wealthy enough in Püertagœ to have slaves. Their impact pertaining to slavery goes to the extent that they have written up most of the laws concerning slave tolerance and welfare, going so far as to consult with the Khah'Xia and taking her concerns to heart to not risk a potential deterioration in the alliance between Püertagœ and the Federation of the Sky-Coral Sea.

Needless to say, the Vaughnyèls are a family to watch out for.

Rule of Succession:

The Vaughnyèls are a shrewd bunch, and they have to be in order to survive, especially with how minimal their ranks are at the moment. That being said, they have no potential heirs. No Vaughnyèls have any children and their siblings have either died or abdicated (Boris). In truth, Lysandra Alíxis Vaughnyèl must find an heir by either making one or bending her family's traditional rules and adopting one.


This aside, the Vaughnyèls traditional rule of succession is not based upon gender but notable accomplishments for the family, either by making ties to the other 12 and/or philanthropy to gain the peoples favour. All is noted, all is tallied; big or small.


Vaughnyèl Family Members:

Ester Vaughnyèl is eldest Vaughnyèl of the last generation (not current) was an odd duck. Much like her younger sister, Lýsandra, Ester was strong willed and was not shy about openly disagreeing with anyone. Needless to say, the woman was passionate. So much so in fact that she found a better sense of family in the Zûtran, and married their Head of House to be, Xandru Baldassar Zûtran, when she was just 24 years old, and he 23. While this seems old considering the age of maturity for Humans is 16, the Greater 12 tend to marry once they have passed their mid 20's, sometimes early 30's in order to 'take time and make the best decision'. Xandru and Ester clearly married for love, and while she lived was a dedicated mother and wonderful shoulder for Xandru. She died at 46 earth years of age.

Lýsandra Alíxis Vaughnyèl is second eldest Vaughnyèl of the last generation (not current), and current Head of House at 44 earth years of age. Starosta Vaughnyèl is a crafty, decisive, strong willed woman. Like her older sister Ester, Lýsandra is extremely passionate, and will voice her opinion. However, the main difference here is that Lýsandra has a mind for diplomacy, and manipulation through seemingly amicable behaviour. Some regard her as a snake, but even those who may not like her or have been bitten by her in the past can appreciate her cunning. The only downfall of her nature, where her family is concerned, is that she has so far refused to wed and produce heirs. Very much an Elizabeth the First type of woman.

Boris Vaughnyèl is the youngest of the Vaughnyèls last generation, Boris no longer resides in Püertagœ. Understanding quickly that he was so far back in line to inherit the seat of the Head of House, yet blessed with luxury, Boris decided that he wanted power to pair with it. Years (earth time) down the line, Boris is now the Ruler of B'hărăbû. He has wealth, power, everything he wanted, he is even regarded highly by those up to no good. Although, Boris might be losing his mind slowly under the pressure. Boris is 36 years of age.

The K'tîne

Patron Deity: Yet to be determined

The K'tîne family are infamously regarded as artisan as they have been in the glass making business since nearly the founding of it. They have perfected the art of stained glass work, intricate glass statues, and the ever important glass work made for windows and store fronts. They have also made a glasswork studio that dares rival Fawzia-Kedets hold on the craft. This business has skyrocketed in the last Tam'nýer—a''n decade with how neatly, elegantly, and impressively fortified the K'tîne family has tirelessly worked to ensure they only provide the best quality possible. Locally, they are regarded as the true architects of Kāyas̄mud, Püertagœ's great library.

Rule of Succession:
Yet to be determined.

K'tîne Family Members:

G’eeva K’tîne is the current Starosta of the K’tine family. G’eeva is a very stern mother, but nonetheless is loving and protective. In truth, her family is her one true solace, aside from the K’tine’s main form of business, which is glasswork. Though she rarely has time to indulge in the craft herself, she takes pleasure in watching her children take part in the art, and encourages them to pursue it; for if nothing else, if the family should ever fall, they will always have their craft, and no one can take that from them.


G’ule K’tîne is G’eeva’s husband and a devoted father who adores his daughters and, of course, his only son. He is incredibly apt at being G’eeva’s sounding board. While not being on the Senate himself, he is his wife’s main confidante and they plan things mostly together. However, G’ule can also be annoying to his wife by offering compassionate views when she is bound and determined to be bull-headed as well as ruthless. This doesn’t mean he can’t be either though.

G’ora K’tîne is the eldest daughter of the K’tine family. She is the future Starosta after her mother. A very strong personality, bolstered by the fact that everything she does is with keen determination and intention. Because of this however, she can tend to burn herself out as she takes too much on. It is a balance that she is having difficulty learning, but is dead-set on mastering.


G’inora K’tîne, the second oldest daughter. Kind and delightful, she’s known for her rather bubbly and endearing personality. This wonderful Khah’ seems to be adored by many for simply being agreeable and amicable, which unfortunately also can reap other people’s jealousy. Whether she is keenly aware or not is something only she knows. However, that also insinuates that while she may also portray kind naïvety, she is not.


G’inessa K’tîne is third born and closest born to G’inora. She and G’inora are incredibly close, nearly twins, and rarely separated from one another. Always talking, or merely enjoying each other’s presence in silence they have no secrets. However, when mingling in public, they can separate and seem to find enjoyment in learning how everyone else interacts and learning who gets along with who. This is something the two of them regard as a game, and sometimes share it with their parents, because who knows what is useful?


G’uniper K’tîne is the youngest of the daughters and arguably the closest to G’una in attachment. Whilst G’inora & G’inessa have their bond, G’uniper & G’una have theirs. The two of them are generally in front of a gloryhole as the two of them are lampworkers, or more popularly understood as a glassblower. Both love the heat, and their craft, very grateful to be born into the family they are. G’uniper, however, also adores cutting glass and making stained glass and has often been late to social functions because she gets so caught up in it, but no one ever seems to fault her for it. 

G'una K'tîne is the youngest of G'eeva & G'ule's children, as well as their only son. G'una's one true love is glass working to the point that one could say that he is obsessed. Making a habit of blowing glass every Hour, he is regarded as the true heir of their family's craft. He knows every employee that works for his family, and he is constantly creating, either for his family home or commissions. 

Other Families Not Yet Developed






Ruler of B'hĂrĂ


Boris Vaughnyèl

Boris Vaughnyèl was a young successful entrepreneur, who instead of wanting to make money within the rules of prestigious society, decided to forgo the rules and gain wealth other ways. With a business savvy mind, and knowing how to have a silver tongue, he made good use of it. But, some are beginning to whisper that perhaps Boris was too smart and efficient for his own good. Slowly but surely, the weight of responsibility is wearing on Boris' mental stability. Lately, it hasn't been past him to walk through the streets naked, or wear animal skulls, believing it to be an aesthetic. Boris is eccentric, but he still is making the most bank, so no one has tried to kill him or steal from him. No one wants to become the next Boris, so the enemy of my enemy is my friend!


The ultimate monarch of the Ṅkhya'jra is actually only formed when two specific beings come together to form the One True Monarch. The monarch when formed is surprisingly genderless, which begs the question "how does the monarchy continue after the one monarch dies?" Simple; the beings that form the One breed till they have 4 offspring. This ensures that even if one child may succumb to illness there are three 'backups'. The children are highly protective and raised covertly. The two forming the current monarch usually have very little to do with their children's lives, this is due to the high risk of war adding to their utilitarian beliefs. With no emotional attachment to the old monarchs, the new can ascend the throne with a clear mind to guide their people. And if you've realized, yes, the two making the One monarch are always a brother and sister.

The One True Monarch, when brother and sister are 'melded', keeps its look through the generations. The form does not change regardless of which brother & sister pair creates it. However, each pairing will add something to the One True Monarch's form, be it a hint of colour in its eyes, scales on a set of horns, etc. This form is carried through the constant inbreeding of the blood, but it is not only form, memories are passed down as well, passing on generational wisdom.

ပြည့် (Pyay) the Bountiful

The Sk'ïenaik Empire and its Insulars are ruled over by a bloodline that came to power as a gift and honour from its people rather than gained by force, or political subterfuge. The Sk'älik people, including it's old Emperor, showed fealty to a child viewed as the pinnacle of honor and life, as this child in question was the next to be sacrificed in order to bring victory to the Sk'ïenaik Empire during Sẙg—stà': the Red Sands War.

As he was about to be killed in order to ask the Gods to show mercy to their people, they were deemed the victors, and his life was spared. Seeing him as the source of victory, this young man was made Emperor, and led Sk'äliks to rebuild. His name was သက် (Thet) the Hallowed, and never did he hold any ill will against the people that were more or less going to take his life.

Handfuls of children were sacrificed to ensure their victory against the Giyu, and despite them being children, it was a culturally understood honor. The children would even be given anything they wished in the days leading up to their demise. Mothers some times even offered themselves to be sacrificed along with their children for the betterment of their species and to annihilate any fear.

The current ruler of the Sk'ïenaik Empire is ပြည့် (Pyay) the Bountiful. They are the youngest of their family, but quickly showed a mind for progress for the Sk'älik people, and while being extremely diplomatic, encourages their citizens to produce what they can for trade. You may not know it but despite their poor but growing population, the Sk'ïenaik Empire is probably the richest government out of all.

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