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Medicine in Tam'nýer—a' is a bit of a mixed bag as the various cultures tend to either be swept up in superstitions, have a deep rooted belief in the Gods or both. This makes the growth of science pertaining to the body a bit difficult to proceed and further develop. This isn't even mentioning that, as our medicinal development on Earth was tied to magic, Tam'nýer—a''s obviously is as well as healing magic is, if anything, the most profound in its use. However, that being said, it doesn't mean that the scientific view of the body and one's health is completely lacking, it's just mixed with superstition, hence the 'mixed bag'.

Medically, Tam'nýer—a' isn't in the dark ages. They do understand that you need your head, and more specifically your brain to function. They also have evolved from the belief that supernatural beings can invade the blood. But if you happen to be in Nkhya'jran society, wrong thought patterns, such as being a Betrayer of Design, (having a non-belief system in the Gods themselves), means that there is something wrong in the offenders blood, and might be in the gene pool. Hence, the entire immediate family tend to get exiled. Exiled, not killed, as death can spill blood, and touching 'infected' blood can spread, so there's a contingency there.

Blood magic being a thing, there is a huge power and strength recognized in blood. To many Tam'nýer—a''ns blood is the 'all-power' of one's function, to the point that not only can you not survive without it, but if you bleed too much, you might lose certain aspects of who you are. For instance, if you have an accident, and it causes you to lose quite a lot of blood, but you survive, most would expect you to lose your ability to hold memories, a.k.a., you become much more forgetful, or you used to be happy-go-lucky, but now you are somber. Major injuries usually are concluded in that you will change as a person. If you don't however, you are regarded as being blessed by the Gods. Not merely a thought of "Oh, you were lucky to have survived" it is more of a "you have lived piously, so the Gods' granted you mercy.

In terms of flesh however, you can lose parts of your flesh, ie. amputation, and still remain who you are. It is more of a willed transformation and obstacle that the Gods want to see you overcome and believe that you can. It may sound oddly nonchalant, but this also forms a wonderful belief that while in today's society here on Earth, we tend to view people who are missing their legs and forced to live in a wheelchair as disabled. Tam'nýer—a' doesn't actually have a word for disabled. You see, to the majority of people, if you lose a hand or a leg, you are still a capable person. You may have a disadvantage, but there's no fear of being met with grimaces or sympathy - you are as you are, and as you are meant to be, meaning that even if you would be considered disfigured here on Earth, in Tam'nýer—a' you are normal.This also means that the study of prosthesis is simply a way of making life easier for someone, akin to a dishwasher to help us with doing our dishes. It too is considered normal. But the best thing about the study of prosthesis is that it is leading the way to better understanding the diversity of Tam'nýer—a''s racial anatomy and how everything is attached. In addition to prosthesis is a matter of dental health, and the practice of dentures for those suffering from either injury or age, and experience the natural wear-and-tear.The implementation of dentures is actually alive and well in Tam'nýer—a'. In fact to create 'new' teeth, the denizens of Tam'nýer—a' reuse those healthy teeth of the deceased, primarily those of Human and Khah' descent, or Wôrdiţ. Denture plates are carved from pelvic bones generally. When it comes to being fitted for dentures, it is of course nowhere near as sophisticated as we have now, however it does come with a warning. Receivers are implored to limit their use of Drîmos as the sugar will deteriorate the bones much more quickly, and dentures can become costly.



As for simpler things such as glasses, since glass is one of the largest industries in all of Tam'nýer-a', they have been around for a long while, progressing probably faster than in our own Earthly history. While styles vary, the in trend look currently are distinctly like our old-school pince-nez, but that doesn't mean they can be made out of pretty metals to add a touch of flare, as long as you have the P'ee K'ah that is.

Down below you can also find an elaboration on things such as hygiene, as well as sleep, since these are two things that definitely make an impact on one's health.


Hygiene can be a fickle thing in the world of Tam'nýer—a' as soap is classified as a luxury item, since the production of it comes at a high cost of permanently staining the hands. But in place like Püertagœ and Fawzia-Kedet, public bath houses are available, permitting the populace to soak in order to slough off dead skin.

For those not residents in those places however, rivers, lakes and the oceans are always free, if hygiene is even of any importance to you. Most rely on perfumes in the hair though to cover up the natural smell of living decay.

Public Bath Houses
Public bath houses, or communal baths are a common sight in Tam'nýer—a', particularly in

Püertagœ and Fawzia-Kedet.

Those in Fawzia-Kedet are run by the government, and are free to its residents. The same can be said for most of the bath houses in Püertagœ, although there are some notable smaller bath houses that are privately owned and operated. These smaller, privately owned bath houses require payment to gain entrance for 'luxury bathing experiences'.

The water for bath houses are generally supplied by aqueducts (in Püertagœ), or lakes and rivers (Fawzia-Kedet). They are heated by carefully maintained fires before being funneled into the baths themselves, or built over a natural hot spring. On the rare occasion, bathhouses or public baths would be surrounded by restaurants & bakeries, being consequently heated by their ovens. This actually is also a good marketing trap because the baths smell like a smorgasbord of fantastic food & baked goods.

Public bath houses are distinctly open to both sexes and have no

dividing wall. Everyone bathes together. Whilst in private baths, they usually follow a practice of separating men and women to guarantee the comfort of being able to socialize openly with friends, a.k.a. gossip.


Public bath houses are generally open pavilion style, permitting for towels, sandals, and a simple robe to change into once finished, as space for the baths was top priority, so no space for lockers as we know them was made. In turn though, bringing your belongings with you and leaving them on the edge of the baths lowers the happenstance of people running and potentially getting injured, as well as theft.


The World Is A Book


Due to Tam'nýer—a''s days being so long (1 day being equivalent to 10 of ours), it is understandable that sleep schedules can be a bit of a conundrum. They certainly don't sleep as is the norm for us, which is one huge chunk of sleep powering us through our entire day.

For the majority of Tam'nýer—a''n's, sleeping multiple times a day, for instance napping, and having smaller chunks of sleep is understood. Work days are usually cut into 7 shifts, as it were. To better explain, imagine that you have a 7 day work week (oof). Now every day of work, you also go home, eat dinner, have some off time to run errands and relax, sleep and then go back to it. Tam'nýer—a' functions the same way, however that 7 day work week routine is in one single day.

That being said in one Tam'nýer—a''n day, you are now working seven 12 hour shifts, which sounds as though you are worked like a dog, but between each shift you are also given time off equivalent to 22 hours. Can you imagine having nearly an entire full 24 hours in between every work shift? Suddenly it doesn't sound so bad. It actually sounds pretty lax, and that's exactly how it should be. This ensures that everyone has time off with their families, and time to truly get the house work done and all the errands you need to do. And if you want to go on vacation, it's not such a big deal because you may only have to book off 4 shifts of your 7 shift day in order to travel abroad like you want.

Ultimately, this translates into rather than having one large chunk of sleep to power through the day, you're expected to sleep a good ten hours in between shifts and be well rested for your next one.


While Tam’nýer-a’ is quite far behind in our regards to understanding health & medicine, it also means that sexual health takes its own toll on the denizens of this beloved world.

However, with all STIs & STDs aside, there are some basic things concerning sexual health that are available to your characters in terms of contraceptives and safe sex tools such as lubrication. This is extremely important especially concerning Nkhya’jran breeding programs and the natural Human risks of having unlubricated/rough sex concerning their penchant for developing callouses.


Lubrication & Salves
When it comes to lubricants for sexual intercourse, whether it be vaginal or anal, the usual rundown mixture, (that you should be able to purchase from a local apothecary), consists of Ynéijusx (milk) and Wôrdiţ fat. Both of these can have a thick, yet slick texture, making romping a pleasant experience that it safe for both parties. No chafing, no fuss, but maybe a little bit of a mess.

However, there are also salves that have been developed for after care in case things may be too swollen to be able to sit or walk comfortably. Because let’s face it, sometimes those endorphins give you a sense of security that you don’t realize was not a reality until they cool off.

Salve mixtures vary, and everyone can have preferences as to what works best for them, but here are some of the more generally marketed post-coitus salves to keep you safe, healthy and ready for more after a good nap for a couple of candlemarks.

Aftercare Balm

Made from Bowl Needles & Shrieking Babes paste, these two ingredients not only reduces swelling quickly and effectively, but also numbs whatever throbbing pain may come your way due to rough or long sex bouts. This mixture is the most common and generally the cheapest. However, thanks to the reality of Shrieking Babes, and their sap, some apothecaries may refuse to risk it, and choose to use Časht'ild in its stead. Though, do be warned as the version with Časht'ild will need to be wiped off once the swelling has gone down, and it has done its job.



Hydrating Salve

As the title suggests, this salve can be used to re-hydrate your parts. Sometimes skin pulls, and not everyone can self lubricate. This mixture can be used to reset (more or less) your genitals natural state of being. Think of it as restoring your pH balance down there. This salve is typically made from Tuwalka Tree mucus with a dash of Ghōteni. While the addition of Ghōteni may seem odd, it is believed to help your body’s reaction to foreign objects, such as toys or bacteria leftover from penetration. Don’t be alarmed though at the thought of putting an antiseptic & antibacterial substance down there, because the Ghōteni amount of the salve itself is extremely little, so as to not take away from the re-hydrating properties of the Tuwalka Tree mucus. It should be mentioned though that if the Ghōteni tends to be a bit higher than normal, you may get a bit of a cold sensation wherever you applied it. Think of it as your genitals getting a tic-tac like sensation. Mmm, minty fresh!


When it comes to contraceptives, they are definitely not reliable, but hey, no one wants an unexpected surprise, right? So, while these may sound a bit medieval, they are still accepted ideas and practices, left up to the individual, of course.

Wôrdiţ Skin

Properly treated (pelt slicked down with oil, though be wary, some may be shaved and fur free while others are not!) and sewn Wôrdiţ Skin, covered in fat as well, is the most popular type of condom in Tam’nýer-a’. It may not be the most comfortable but it is something.


Now, this treatment can be risky and may not feel the nicest, so it is recommended to be used only immediately after sexual intercourse, not before, and not during. That is because the main spermicide mixture available tends to made up of IÞ'clet leaves (a strong disinfectant usually used for open cuts) & Ghōteni. However, you may also get a deviation of this mixture that contains Miraile. While Miraile may seem like an odd ingredient to add to a spermicide, since it is basically Tam’nýer-a’s version of saffron, it does reduce menstrual cramping. You may not be menstruating, but vaginal cramping tends to also be associated with muscles, and movement. Since vaginas have a lot of strength to them, it is assumed that a dash of Miraile to the mixture can reduce the body’s natural impulse to flex and cinch, thought to encourage sperm to impregnate, and we don’t want that, now do we?


There are mutations, abnormalities, and those of us who don't quite check off all the "average" boxes when we look at the details of ourselves. Characters can be just like this too! However, what makes us physically unique doesn't necessarily make other people notice us more so on a regular basis. Even those of us who have vitiligo, heterochromia, melanism, albinism, or maybe you're the only one in your family who's super short, or super tall. These kinds of mutations exist just as well in Tam'nýer—a'!

What's most important to remember is that there are no religious, metaphysical taboo, or awing reasons behind any of these mutations. Villages, families, or communities don't shun or lift onto a pedestal anyone who has these mutations in any races community. While some of these biological variances may have references to the Gods too, it’s not a reason for privilege. Individuals are who they are, and are seen generally as an accepted and understood change within the way someone is developing, but this does not mean that you cannot have an individual take issue with it.

Do note before going on ahead and reading that this list of examples is not complete, nor ever will be as there are simply too many biological variations out there for us to reasonably list them all. So, please consider this page and the information therein as bit of inspiration and a guideline. If you want to know if you can ‘think outside the box’ and add some flair of your own, you totally can! In fact, we welcome it. A good example of this is the character Wren. Just remember, it has to be realistic to your character’s lineage, and that it won’t get a community to shun you.


Vitiligo is a classification of skin mutation that is sections of skin that are missing their pigmentation. This can affect each race quite differently. To give you an idea, we'll break it down to give a better understanding.

A great race to show of Vitiligo with is surprisingly the Ãoni. While they don't show a lot of skin, vitiligo can be attributed to their feathers.Just imagine having dark blue plumage and then being speckled with white feathers throughout. Another thing to note is that it is most common for vitiligo to affect the faces of Ãoni and their tails, but that doesn’t mean it’s uncommon for it to affect the entire body too.

In Nkhya’jra, Vitiligo can affect not only the skin but their horns as well. Truth be told, it is quite striking, and for them, having vitiligo anywhere is referred to colloquially as being Praq-huykl'’s symbiote or “that Shi needed a bit more colour”, almost giving it a sense of martyrdom as the colour ‘taken’ from an individual gets put back into the earth and its creatures & flora somewhere else.




Heterochromia or sectoral heterochromia is when an eye or eyes have multiple colours to them. For instance, your eye won’t solely be blue, but perhaps might be speckled with brown, or have a very distinct area that is solely brown while the majority of your eyes is blue (sectoral). Like vitiligo, heterochromia is a possibility for all races, which may be surprising considering the milky eyes of the Sk’älik or the stark eyes of the Zdjętzami, but it applies to them too!

In the case of the Zdjętzami, the slim and seemingly glowing ring of colour that they have may sometimes even take on an opalescent hue. This same effect can be seen in some Sk’älik, but is far more rare to the species than the Zdjętzami. Heterochromia can also, in a strange turn of events for the Sk’älik, destroy their common milky eyes, showing bold colour like you would expect and see of Human eyes.





In Tam'nýer—a', the world is quite colourful. Most 'safe' plants tend to be more brightly coloured, whereas ones that tend to grow in mass quantities naturally tend to be darker. A great example of this is the grass in Tam'nýer—a, as it appears black, appearing green at the beginning of its stems. However, with time, life and colour come evolutionary traits, and one that is greatly impacted are the eyes and the brains interpretation of colour. Vision is something all life depends on, and the main colour vision mutation is seeing all colours as over-saturated. This is referred to as Cažimir.

People who have Cažimir generally tend to have a strikingly purple pupil. That's right, not the iris, the part of the eye we understand to be multitudes of colour possibilities, but the pupil; the part that is usually black. Now this mutation can affect any race of Tam'nýer—a', but it should be said that if an Ãoni has this condition that their normal ability to see UV is exacerbated, sometimes to a painful amount. If it is a beautiful sunny day, and you happen to be an Ãoni with a purple iris, get ready to stay in the caves to protect your retina's from getting burned. However, this does mean that they would make the absolute best night-watch.


To give you a better understanding of this differentiation between normal colour vision and over-saturated, here's the colour wheels, side by side;

colour weeeeeeeeeel.png


Sun Madness

Applicable to the Foot & Pelvis Continents only.

Now we all know going out into the heat and sun is a terrible idea in the desert? It is an unavoidable. The constant pulse of sunlight seeping into your mind as you traversed the heated wastes. After a while, the heat and the bright light on every inch of your vision, can lead to quite an interesting effect.

The locals are well prepared for handling sun madness, but outsiders don’t seem to realize how dangerous it is. Your mind, melting into the heat and the constant light that makes your vision blurry. Creating black figures of shadows in the corner of your vision. Taunting you with the cool shade they could provide.

It fills your body every inch of your skin or fur or feather sweating and burning to the touch. No water or food able to quench it yet you consume anyway. A voracious hunger where you eat and eat and eat until there’s nothing left and still you burn. Up becomes down, left becomes right, and the sun is all encompassing. You do not know which way you were going or which way you came from. There is only the sun, and the desert, and the brightly lit sand as you collapse upon it.

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