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Tam'nýer—a' is a vast world with a multitude of continents, all of which have their own distinct climates, flora & fauna. Of course, some animals and plants can be found all over the world, but the map below should help show the wonderful array of life and colours.​

Furthermore,  thanks to the mythos of Tam'nýer—a' , and its bodies of land being made of the fallen god Jn, son of Q'Tam'šmă & Nýer—a' (who are the very namesakes of the world), the continents are titled by Jn's body parts. 

The continents are as follows, listing importance and in order of left to right, separated by the *Becal Curtains:


*The Becal Curtains are regarded as the greatest engineering feat in all of Tam'nýer—a' and are also a relic thought to be a final gift of the Gods before they died. Made from what the people can only surmise to be a mix of Muntade bark, woven with B'ashl & sea sponge, however, this has not been confirmed.

The reason as to why the Becal Curtains are held in such high esteem though is because of what they do. They filter the salt from the ocean creating what Tam'nýer—a''ns refer to as the Sweet Way.

With the Becal Curtains filtering out the salt, it provides the majority of Tam'nýer—a' with fresh water which is a major bonus to the amount of sea-faring ship-bound people not having to worry about stocking copious amount of drinking water, and taking up precious cargo space.

  • Heart Continent

Rīdhaūñaī; Nkhya'jra Homeland


  • Throat Continent

↳Neutral Zone; 

Nkhya'jra & Z'sa'Ză-'Bäa
Dhaghana; Main Trading Hub

  • Ribs Continent

↳The Emerald Isles

  • Legs Continent

Sky-Coral Sea; Khah' Homeland
   Uwhang; Capital

  • Lungs Continent

Püertagœ; Sole Metropolis


  • Hands Continent

The Mountains of T-'a'Ţăs'múr;

Z'sa'Ză-'Bäa Homeland​

  • Arms Continent

The Ãoni Coastal Region

   Zeska; Giyu Hatchery

  • Foot Continent

↳Zdjętzami Homeland

   Sztwenī; Jn's Heart

  • Pelvis Continent

 ZàÞça; Capital 

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