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Patron Deity
Not Applicable

National Flower




Current Ruler

The Khah'Xia


Humans: 7.8%
Khah': 86.6%
Z'sa'Ză-'Bäa: 0.8%
Ãoni: 0.6%
Ṅkhya'jra: 3.5%
Giyu: 0.5%
Sk'älik: 0.2%
Zdjętzami: 0%


5 million km²


10.2 million



Imports & Exports:



Teas, Books, Corals, Various Gemstones, Metals


Talismans, Fabrics & Tapestries, Inva', Lumber, Bone, Lão crabs, IÞ'clet & its cider, Cusur'galli leather


National Colours:


Vermilion, Sea Foam
& White



The Sky-Coral Sea is the Khah' homeland and is recognized as the sole lasting jungle continent (not to be mistaken for rain forest, as the density of vegetation on the ground and in the canopy is notable in comparison).

Though the entire nation is referred to as Uwhang by the majority of Tam'nýer—a', including most Khah', Uwhang is actually the name of the capital city solely. Its official name is "The Federation of the Sky-Coral Sea". However, it is hardly ever referred to this. In fact, it's probably only referred to as its proper name when in governmental meetings, or diplomatic visits. So, for the sake of avoiding confusion, for the rest of this article we will refer to it simply as Uwhang. Though it should be stated that it is officially named the Sky-Coral Sea due to essentially being as lush and filled with life as the plentiful corals in the sea, but above land. In the depths of Uwhang, everything

whilst being wet seems a stark contrast to the bright, water-bound land masses. Uwhang on the jungle floor is nothing but dense vegetation and pathways that need to constantly be up-kept and cut away so that the jungle does not take it back, though be warned, life on the jungle floor is quite dangerous thanks to the fauna that live there.


Sunlight is very limited throughout Uwhang because the canopy above, some estimated handful of hundreds of feet, is quite dense as well. The variety of trees is immense, yet everything seems to co-exist quite well here, this is attributed to the compassion that the Khah' are known for.


Insects, deadly flowers, fox-like creatures, everything lives in Uwhang and thrives as well. It is as if it is an entirely different planet. Taking advantage of the high canopy, the Khah' tend to make their homes rather high up, and the trees are then connected by living bridges. The air is also thicker the farther you travel into Uwhang as well as this part of Tam'nýer—a' gets copious amounts of rain, making the atmosphere here humid, as is to be expected.​


Uwhang, as is known, is a jungle. The Khah', co-existing with all life that thrives there, prefer to live amongst the treetops finding it safer than on the jungle floor. However, whatever you may find yourself imagining, be it of a Tolkien feel, get ready to banish the thought. Nowhere near as fancy as the elves of Lothlorien are the Khah' of Uwhang, preferring to create their abodes surrounding a tree, and carving out the large burs that grow as their dwellings. The many thick trees that permit them to build up their community are all attached by living bridges, although it should be noted that these living bridges take years grow and they are set not quite so high as their residences so as to not bother their neighbors: the Lopikăş.



The Sky-Coral Sea (also referred to as Uwhang) is considered a Tropical Rainforest Climate. Meaning that it gets no less than 180cm (72 inches) of rain per year. This type of climate is dominated by the doldrums low-pressure system all year round, so has no natural seasons in terms of thermal and moisture changes.

*The Köppen-Geiger climate classification is used to help create a better understanding.



Khah'Xia is the title of the Khah' ruler. Think of it as a title for the head of the Federation of the Sky-Coral Sea, no matter the gender of the current ruler. Now before we get too ahead of ourselves, when in Uwhang, the ruler is referred to as the “Khah'Xia,” of course. However, she is also referred to (much more simply) as the Empress of Uwhang, or the Sky-Coral Sea. If you are curious as to what her name is, once she was elected to be the leader of her people, and in Khah' tradition once elected that is till death, the ruler renounces their name. This is akin to the idea of Queen Elizabeth II, as she was Queen and never took a husband as she was 'married to England'. The Khah'Xia's old life no longer is important, because she is the embodiment of her people, culture and beliefs.

With that out of the way, the current ruler is clearly a woman, with a title like Empress. She is rather elderly, though she does not look it. It is thought that she is extremely close to that of 10 Tam'nýer—a''n years, yet has no difficulty being active, and looks as youthful as she was in her prime. Thanks to this, it is believed that she keeps the artifact of Sùrelï's Last Words somewhere in her throne room, or her chambers which are located right above. But with such a believed rumour (which is most likely true), how does the Empress stay safe? Well, despite the Khah' being regarded as the lover race, the Khah'Xia is never without an army in full dress around the throne room and her chambers as wherever she is, is the epicenter of their people. They are always, always on guard, and these guards are trained from a young age in a specific village, built to breed the best of the best to protect their ruler.


Despite the army, the Khah'Xia appears calm, soft spoken, though do not take that as if she is a push over. She has no issue being assertive. The current Khah'Xia is well respected, and is viewed as a benevolent yet cunning leader. Of course, the Khah'Xia is only the ruler of the Federation, or the Sky-Coral Sea (Uwhang) as a whole. Each village runs itself, hence why it is known as the Federation of the Sky-Coral Sea. The entirety of the nation communicates via an intricate system of runners, or Uklara riders, as well as the Storytellers. These are the main ones that gain an audience with the Khah'Xia, other than foreign rulers. She offers advice and organizes aid, or food to her people where and when needed. She is the main cog of the system, but also the oil can. Her responsibility is not a light one, as she rules over 10 million people.

To describe to you what the Empress looks like, as you may be curious, her face is not very well known, as in public, she always wears a veil of black, embroidered with yellow gold thread. For a Khah' she is on the darker side, in contrast to the usual white, and paints her nails with a certain type of berry, to give a white sheen, as amongst the Khah' the colours one wears shows their personality. If you were curious, she does not have a consort.

*While the Khah'Xia renounces their name upon being elected as such, their family remain normal citizens of the Federation. The only true 'nobles' or 'higher ups' are Storytellers and the Khah'Xia, and those guards from Chi'Lapta.

That is to emphasize that every individual is an important piece to their nation, that everyone has their place, their talents to give and to help. It also strengthens a sense of community which every village has in abundance. That is also why those Khah' that wish to make a 'bigger mark' tend to leave or work in the port towns of the Sky-Coral Sea.


If you are looking for traditional Khah' Clothing, Jewelry, Piercings & Appearance Etiquette, please visit the Khah' Race page. The reason you will not find it here is that it is usually only the capital (Uwhang) and the port cities that are inhabited by foreign races, rather than the majority of the continent, which is custom for other destinations.



With an eerie blue hue that seems to be hanging in the air itself, Thảpĕn-'p̀ā is more like a forest that borders the Northwest part of Uwhang before it becomes truly jungle. The ground here looks to be devoid of life, with a coverlet of what looks to be snow. They say time is stopped here as the nature has been scarred by the battle between the Nkhya'jra and the Khah'.

In fact the landscape not only looks as though its been snowed on,

it bears flakes one would assume to be falling snow as well. While

magical and beautiful looking you might be disgusted to find out

that this snow like substance is actually a fungus. A

natural reaction from the mixture of the decay of bodies,

humidity of the jungle, and the enclosure of natural light from the

canopy above. The trees are surprisingly healthy despite the mass

amounts of fungus, and flower constantly. This sometimes causes

an effect of the pollen changing the colour of the white fungal

floor to an odd pastel chartreuse due to the permanent blue hue.


Tadamasa Sawada

Thảpĕn-'p̀ā is now a forbidden place. So much so that it is a dare to go and find it as children and now more urban legend than truth. It strikes fear and consequence into hearts and most Storytellers will tell you that if that is all it is, then it is still serving purpose. A reminder that war leaves marks beyond that of immediate families but transforms the very earth we live on and that some things can never forget.

Truth be told, there is life springing up here, though perhaps not as you would imagine. Nkhya'jra exiled as Betrayers of Design have begun to make home here in the desolated Thảpĕn-'p̀ā, most especially as the Emerald Isles are prone to surveyors. They harbour together quietly, and seek aid from a small Khah' village to the east, only when they need it. The jungle beyond their forest is vast and permits for good hunting, and their snippet of coastline offers privacy and security from potential onlookers. After all, no one goes that close to Thảpĕn-'p̀ā even by water, and with only the Becal Curtain lining it, others find it pointless to venture that way.



Chi'Laptă is a part of Uwhang that will never be on the vacation brochure or tourist destination, as Chi'Laptă is the most dangerous village on the entire Legs continent. Chi'Laptă is a village, and the only village in all of Uwhang that lives on the jungle floor. Living here is extreme, and dangerous. There is always a small army worth of Khah' awake and on guard to protect it's residents, albeit, the small army may not look entirely as you might envision as the army is made up both of men and women, and of varying ages. You see, Chi'Laptă is where royal guards and the elite of the Uwhang military are bred and/or raised.

For a race predominately referred to as a 'lover race', this entire concept may seem completely against the grain. However, after the Gods' died, and what with the mad dash for artifacts, the Khah' having a fighting force became a necessity

they could no longer turn a blind eye to. They needed to reassess their priorities as a nation, and if they were going to survive whatever hardships would come their way. While the Khah' are still one with nature, and still retain their keen ability to co-exist with whatever man or beast, the need to protect their way of peace is a thrumming heartbeat underneath it all.


Chi'Laptă is where boys go to become men, and girls, women. It is an honour to be born or raised here and to survive is a badge any one could wear with pride as the dangers that lurk on the jungle floor range from small to large, and most of them deadly. There must always be copious amounts of people on guard to keep the village safe. Those who would 'graduate' from this village with the highest honours don't stay to mentor to new babes, they go on to guard the Empress of Uwhang herself.


Chunœ is the main port city of the Sky-Coral Sea. It is the harbour in which most visiting vessels berth either for business or repairs, as the city of Chunœ is all the land of the inlet; so large it has very distinct districts and docks given your reasons for visits. Docking for long periods of time however, may be denied as the port has so much traffic, the priority is to accommodate as many as possible, so larger ships may have to wait up to an Hour before being able to unload, as smaller ships can hold less and offer more room to multiple ships. The only vessels guaranteed a dock are naval vessels, whether they belong to the Sky-Coral Sea or not and that is because they only berth there if they are in need of repair, otherwise they dock in Uwhang for matters of state.

Aside from being the main port city, Chunœ is arguably the busiest location in all of the Sky-Coral Sea. One can find generally any good they are on the hunt for here, aside from slaves of course, which are only legal in B'hărăbû. Any rumour of your vessel dealing with slaves is justifiable cause for being searched, as laws against slavery are amongst the most enforced of this jungle continent.

One of the most beautiful things about Chunœ is when the holiday, T'yādß, occurs. T'yādß is a special celebration amongst the Khah' residing in the Sky-Coral Sea (Uwhang). Specifically calculated to be on the last day of the Super Summer, hundreds of thousands of Khah' take to the trees on the edges on their beloved continent, most especially at their ports, and fill the trees with thousands of paper lanterns. The lanterns vary in colour, size and shape, and it is a tradition to guide their people home as Tam'nýer—a' experiences its first true nightfall of the year. The preparations start a day before to assemble all the lanterns, and as the official day commences, it is when they take to the trees in droves to string the lanterns within the canopy, as high as they can manage. This makes Chunœ a beacon as bright as a modern day lighthouse.


These short curved swords are created for the Khah' in the Sky-Coral Sea. The curved blades make excellent use against vines, thin branches, and small trees while traversing through the dense jungles. They are short, compacted, and easy to use by the Khah' as both weapons and agricultural tools.

The blades of these tools are generally made from Rieárn, while the hilts are generally made from wood. These swords are generally inexpensive and created quite regularly by the smiths in the Sky-Coral Sea.

The hilts of these weapons are often wrapped in leather and are sometimes faceted with a large gemstone at the base of the hilt if the smith is given additional pay and the stone to do so.

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