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This page is to solely focus on poisons, drugs and teas. However, you should know that things such as coffee and alcohol will be listed under drugs as they technically are because they alter our state of being and influence our minds. 


Mountain's Crösse


  • Dried Wôrdiţ Horn

  • Powdered Krêk'h Glass

  • Phytaceae

The taste is deceptive, like antifreeze to animals, Mountain's Crösse is sweet to the tongue and just as insidious. Because of it's sweet taste it is administered in beverages as it only affects the taste and not smell or colour.


The terrifying part about Mountain's Crösse is not only due to its sweetness, but that it's symptoms make it difficult to detect as it mirrors the effects of alcohol consumption in the ways of becoming heatedly aroused. Hence the name mount referring of course to male genitalia and the cross signifying the death to come.


The first sign that one would begin to believe that something is amiss is that the erection will not dissipate. In fact, it will only continue to swell with blood more. The pain will become excruciating after a period of 3-4 hours depending on height and weight of the individual. At this point, the poison is irreversible as well.


Now with the pain of the overly swollen member the rest of the body will begin to experience a tingling in the limbs as the blood is constantly being directed elsewhere. Eventually the subject will lose consciousness as the brain is now becoming oxygen deprived.

This loss of consciousness is about the only thing merciful in this death as it stops the pain.


Creating this poison takes a long drying process and then a reduction process. It is best used in an alcoholic beverage as the ethanol acts as a catalyst.

bruise dance.jpg

Xéwé Can'aţ (zay-way can-ah-tz)



Whilst having a cruel irony for a name because the words sound rather jovial in contrast to their serious implicative meaning ("Bruise Dance") this poison is the most deadly in all of Tam'nýer—a'. Truth be told, Xéwé Can'aţ is probably the most obvious to notice visually as well. The first sign is a feeling similar to gut rot, but that will also set off nerves in the base of the spine, distinctly in the tailbone area. Some people may attribute this to extreme food poisoning, but cold sweats will start soon after. The worst part? If you begin to panic, it will only permit the poison to course faster through your system, which will trigger a very strange side effect; the pigment from one's hair will start to evaporate, turning snow white, root to tip.

If you think it's bad already, get ready for the grand finale. Once the pigment from the hair has been 'eaten', the cold sweats and pain only get worse and that's because your blood as it circulates begins to get trapped. Where you might ask? The vital organs, swelling until the pop like overextended balloons. Despite being absolutely horrific and abysmal way to die, the main thing this poison is known for is the firework-esque bruising patterns that arise from this explosion of the organs, flooding the abdomen with an array of colourful bruising.






  • Lakăs roots

Lakăs is an interesting, colorful fern, and is a plant growing everywhere in the Sky-Coral Sea on the jungle floor or as a parasite on certain trees. When sprouting or very small the Lakăs are a very vivid purple. However, as they grow and mature, the larger leaves start to take on different colors, more often a lighter shade of purple or magenta, or even a fuzzy grey. It can be acclimated and grown on the Lungs continent as well, although it requires special care, as it needs plenty of water and protection from direct sunlight.

The roots of Lakăs can be baked, roasted and ground to make a bitter stimulant drink which the Khah’ have named Tók’Smărrj, literally meaning 'life-giver' in C'eröd. This drink is very similar to our coffee and is currently spreading in popularity as a drink to other parts of the world. However, overdosing on Tók’Smărrj is possible and can lead to arrhythmia and hyperactivity. 

Şzein (sh-zay-ne)



  • C-bxa' egg yolks

  • Bowl Needles

  • Časht'ild

  •  Zyţ

  • Zlytnoki

  • Ghōteni

  • Vriksum penis

Ordering Şzein will instantly notify the waitress that you like your liquor strong and straight to the point. It will tell your friends that you aren't afraid of spice and the burning sensation as it goes down too. Şzein is Tam'nýer—a''n whiskey, and even if you're a whiskey drinker in real life, perhaps the ingredients in this variation will turn you off.


The reason for this is because in order to make 'proper' whiskey includes various ingredients of which all are key. The first is Vriksum penis. Vriksum is a large majestic four-eyes beast that reigns in the Sky-Coral Sea and the Emerald Isles. The males are hunted most specifically for their reproductive organ for the creation of true Şzein. With the organ cleaned it is then stuffed with 10 C-bxa' egg yolks, bowl needles, Časht'ild and Zyţ. Once appropriately stuffed and sewn shut, it is to marinate in Zlytnoki for one whole Tam'nýer—a''n day on a bed of Ghōteni before ultimately being placed into a sack made of cheese cloth.


All this prep is vital for the drink to turn out proper. The other key factor of making good Şzein is the precious casks that hold everything as it aids to flavour the fermented wheat mash & added cheese cloth. The casks are nothing short of true craftsmanship as they are made from a blending of charred Muntade & Rus–lim' wood. Each cask is kept sealed for a minimum of one Tam'nýer—a''n month (3.5 earth years) to two full Tam'nýer—a''n years (60 earth years).


When all is said and done, a true glass of Şzein should appear as though it is burning. A chemical reaction that no one truly understands, but it does indeed warm the soul. Despite the fire however, because Şzein burns in such a way, eases all physical pain, and has Časht'ild, a known aphrodisiac as a component, having a drink of it can be a sign that you might be a worshipper of Bók-T'ak. On top of this, if you go to take a drink, wink at a particular someone and then imbibe slowly with eyes closed the entire time, only opening them upon resting the glass back down on the table, it can be a sign that you are looking to 'worship' the Goddess with that person later.




  • Purple Skïtra (tomatoes)

There is primarily a hallucinogenic, as well as euphoria compound found solely in the dark purple rinds of Tam'nýer—a’’n tomatoes called Skïtra. However, you are probably curious as to why the drug has a name of ‘flute’, which is a good question. Flute is the street name for the drug made from the rinds of purple Skïtra and that’s in part thanks to the major euphoric high one gets from partaking in the drug because of the allusion to the God of Hope: Pajj’nž. The other reason is that while you are high, possibly out of your mind and hallucinating, your pipe might take on the look of a flute to you or others who are with you.


Moving right along, these tomatoes, if legal in that jurisdiction are put to the side for drug harvestation. The purple tomatoes are skinned and made into a pulp and dried before being sold. If you would prefer to inject, you can grind more at home and mix with water which will help disintegrate the pieces further. For smoking, merely using a pipe that you use for Kwat will work perfectly.


The drug made from the rind is injectable, as well as smokable. Injection is for an immediate high. It comes on extremely strong, but a shorter lifetime. The high lasts anywhere from 1-3 candelmarks. Whereas smoking takes about half to a full candlemark to kick in, and lasts anywhere from 2-7 candlemarks.

Due to the hallucinogenic properties Flute can be considered dangerous. Of course, over a long term use, psychosis can set in, so this might be best to try once, and hopefully manage to kick the cravings or never try. Despite this though, it is still legal in some places, such as B'hărăbû, The Mountains of T-'a'Ţăs'múr, as well as Fawzia-Kedet. However, if your character is in Fawzia-Kedet and getting high, we recommend sticking around the docks as the inner city peoples may not look too kindly on you during your binge.

The potential effects of Flute:

  • Hyperstimulation

  • Hyperexcitability

  • Intense sense of euphoria

  • Dilated pupils

  • Hallucinations; auditory, visual & tactile

  • Loss of appetite

  • Insomnia

  • Irritability

  • Psychosis

  • Sudden death of high followed by excruciating drug cravings




  • Llî-lko'

  • Ethanol (any type of alcohol)




The potential effects of Llî-lko':

  • Strong audio hallucinations

  • Strong visual hallucinations

  • Lack of inhibition; playful

  • Nausea & vomitting

  • Euphoria

  • Severe lack of reality and situational awareness

  • Dehydration

Llî-lko' is the most watched and controlled substance not only because it can only be found in one place, but also because it can be used as a drug. One requires a license to purchase it, unless you manage to sweet talk a person in Grammurtz and pay a good price for them to give you some. 


Llî-lko' is like Earth's platinum, the major difference is is that once ethanol (alcohol) touches it, it tweaks the colour of the liquid (e.g., lilac Tagraz to chartreuse) and becomes a very powerful psychotropic drug. The hallucinations are intense and the drug is so intense, you can very easily overdose or die choking on your own vomit as you body tries to expel it from your system. The issue is, is that once you ingest it, you cannot get it out because it binds to your hemoglobin; the protein in your blood cells. 


Everyone has a different high when they take Llî-lko', but the common denominators tend to be described as reliving childhood memories or the joy and simplicity of being a child again (so carefree & playful), feeling prophetic as though they have been chosen by the gods or a god and witnessing life through a 'fractal lens'. In truth, true euphoria seems to be the pinnacle of this drug. However, with the heavy hallucinations, mixed with such an intense euphoria and that naiveté of being a child, one could be realistically drowning in a river and still be at peace, blissfully unaware.

Aside from this, on the streets, Llî-lko' is sold in tiny pellets or shavings. That being said, when you go drinking, whatever remnants of alcohol are in the bottle is when you drop a pellet or shaving in, give it a swirl, and sip or touch your tongue to the lip of the bottle. That's all it takes. So, because of the way you take it, it is literally referred to as 'dropping Llî-l'.


Uu'kri's Breath


  • Ạdcenškus liquid

  • Llî-lko' shavings

  • Alcohol (any)

  • Giyu Mucus

          *Note that you cannot make this drug

without this ingredient, meaning that only Giyu

can make it, unless you come across a Giyu cadaver

that hasn't dried out and know the recipe.

Uu'kri's Breath comes in two distinct forms; as a rough mixture to smoke in a pipe, or as inconspicuous incense in stick form. When smoking or burning, (as incense), the sensation is very cooling, akin to breathing in menthol. The best way to describe it would be Vicks® Vaporub™. So, it's oddly refreshing, and it also forces your airways to open meaning that you inhale more of it, than you do something that is warm, or burning.


That being said, when burning Uu'kri's Breath, as a vapour in a closed room takes about 15-30 minutes to begin feeling the effects. If smoked in a pipe, about 2-10 minutes for it to kick in. The high from a pipe can last up to 3 hours. However, under the effects of Uu'kri's Breath in incense form, and taking into consideration that the stick of 'incense' takes approximately 40 minutes to burn in its entirety, and if the individual has not left the particular room, the high can last 4-6 hours.

Essentially, expect to be laid out for a while, enjoy the movie that your brain plays for you, and feel every stress in your body and mind simply slip away. This is also why the drug has been termed Uu'kri's Breath. Usually only in death would you find this sort of peace.

The potential effects of Uu'kri's Breath:

  • Feelings of melting, especially in the face

  • Limbs feeling heavy, like sandbags, but loose and limber

  • Blood-shot eyes, due to vasodilation (the expansion of blood vessels)

  • Pain relief, as it shuts off your pain receptors

  • Slurred speech

  • A noticeable reduction in reflexes

  • Numbness, usually in the fingertips and face

  • A slight sensitivity to light




  • Skulqc

The potential effects of Heart:

  • Augmented colours

  • Visual hallucinations

  • A constant buzzing noise


A favourite in the drug dens of Fawzia-Kedet, ZàÞça, and the lower Rings of Püertagœ, not to mention the generic streets of B'hărăbû, (but even ॠध​ऊञ​ई · Rīdhaūña, surprisingly amongst the rich mostly like we drink wine) the Skulqc are a welcome treat to those looking to escape their situation or horrors of the past by grinding them up, and smoking them. That’s right! Skulqc, these beautiful living creatures, get captured, ground up, and smoked, because they have hallucinogenic properties.


The high last anywhere from 10-14 candlemarks (depending on how much, of course), and tends to turn your natural visual saturation up, with the added bonus of making everything seem as though it is dancing to whatever tune you got kicking around in your head. This gets further intensified if you happen to be listening to music, or walking through a populate market street. Sound seems to make everything ‘buzz’, but while it might make things too intense for some, the colours are to die for. The drug is known on the streets as “Heart“, and yes, this is a play on Y'ljnöx and them smoking a piece of their parents’ heart, as overdosing is very much an issue.


Their use as a drug aside, Skulqc live in little families, and have litters of 1-4 babies. They also live up to 1 earth year, meaning they can be quite a hassle, unless you wanna perpetuate the drug trade. Given how virulent their infestations can be though, that also means that the drug problem that they raise is just as virulent, if not worse.


K'wãt (koo-wah-t)



  • K'wãt

K'wãt is a type of tobacco made for pipe smoking in Tam'nýer—a'. The plant can only be grown at high elevations, and when at high elevations everything takes longer to grow. Inherently, this makes K'wãt a luxury type of tobacco, and therefore a higher-end product.

K'wãt is harvested at the very tip end of summer to get the fullest flavor. When it is halfway dried, it is cut into small flakes, then coated in a brown sugar water. Giving it time to sit and soak in a bit, it is then toasted for a short amount of time using Bu'Ră wood. This not only caramelizes the sugar but gives the tobacco a savory campfire toasted marshmallow-esque aroma.

Given how richly sweet K'wãt is, the caramelized sugars do tend to make it burn faster than most other tobaccos despite being somewhat moist upon purchasing. Being moist at the time of purchase is also a sign of quality, so if the K'wãt you are looking at in a shop or at a vendor's stall is dry; run away. It is not what you want.

ambien flower desert.png

Östra (oeugh-strah)



  • Dried Östra petals & leaves

  • Boiling water

Withdrawal symptoms:

  • Vivid dreams

  • Shaking in extremities

  • Severe muscle jerks;

    • e.g., myoclonic jerks





The potential effects of Östra Tea:

  • Euphoria

  • Relaxation

  • Greatly improved sense of well-being

  • Weightlessness

  • Altered time perception

  • Visual & auditory enhancement;

    • Brighter colours

    • Vision is more detailed

    • Sharper sounds;

      • e.g., whispering is heard at a normal volume

This brilliant spindly & bioluminescent flower is commonly found in deserts. 


In true night time - beginning at twilight - Östra begins to truly emit the full power of their glow. If one is lost in the desert, most people tend to follow them like beacons to lead them through the desert, and most times it saves their lives. In fact, this ‘leading one home’ happenance is exactly how in Trótskarr, the word for home became “Östra”, and when the Greater 12 of Püertagœ left ZàÞça to create Püertagœ, the word went with them. Now “Östra” is the more common way to refer to one’s home in C'eröd.


Now the thing to know is Östra also has another humongous impact upon the world even if the majority of people are not aware, and that is being a coveted flower by the Dëymosþan, a tribal species native to the deserts of Trótskarr, beyond the safety of Ñabivtzi. The reason for this is that the Östra can be made into a tea they regard as valuable to them as alcohol. That’s because in the same aspect that alcohol helps keep their women (who they believe host malicious spirits, or ‘demons’) calm, and their demons at bay. Östra tea does the same thing, and is far easier to make than waiting for things to ferment. 

As the world's species mingle however, it has brought Östra tea into societies that use it recreationally, making this resource highly sought after, and arguably the most expensive tea on the market. It has even become the Dëymosþans main ticket into societies outside of their tribes, making warriors into part-time business men when they can afford to not supply it to their women. It has even made a bridge, if you will, in getting some Dëymosþan out of the desert and into bigger cities. As the tea becomes more and more known, it has created a rather insidious meaning to the phrase "I am going home." or "I am coming home." by users.

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