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This symbol is a fundamental symbol in the world of Tam'nýer—a' as it is the representation of their founding philosophy, intricately connected with their Gods, Goddesses, numbers, and geometrical shapes. It is their understanding of how things are, or at the very least were.

This definition and breakdown on the meanings locked within this symbol will be complex & convoluted, so you need only read on if you have an interest. It is not vital to life on Tam'nýer—a', you can most certainly role-play without the knowledge & mysticism revealed on this page. Though you should know that squares are a shape that can be perceived as a 'negative', whereas diamonds are understood to be a godly or 'good' shape.

This is because ultimately the symbol is made up of:

3 squares

4 diamonds

And contains 32 triangles

The numbers, as well as shapes, have been translated over the years to represent many things, such as the aforementioned "squares are a shape that can be perceived as a 'negative', whereas diamonds are understood to be a godly or 'good' shape." Keep in mind that while squares are viewed with a negative connotation that does not make them less important than diamonds, as the interaction between the two shows that good & bad, or negative and positive, require each other to exist. Further meaning that they both cannot be pure concepts or realities without one another, creating a divine balance. Before we do get carried away, let's breakdown the basic numbers of 3 and 4, as well as their shapes.

Squares & Threes:
Three's are important because it warns of foreboding elements. This, of course, all stems back to the symbol, and how there are 3 squares in the pattern, which instantly connects these two things to one another. Thanks to this affiliation, squares also get a bad rep.

There is no greater example, however, of these two things coming together (squares and threes) than the sigil of Y'ljnöx, the 3 Brothers born of Sea and Sky; Y'l the eldest, Jn, and Öx and their horrible tale. As if to make it a double whammy though, because the 3 brothers are generally all paired as one single entity (Y'ljnox) and their parents are separated and such forlorn figures, this also makes another negative connotation concerning threes;  Nýer—a', Q'Tam'šmă & Y’ljnöx. While they are the Divine Family, they are also the most tragic, emphasizing that negative ideology when it comes to the number 3.



Because of this correlation some people believe that negatives go so far as to happen in 3's. Whether it be three bad things that happen consecutively or a negative happenstance is born from three actions, or catalysts if you will, to bring forth one negative occurrence/result.


For example, two people have an affair, one person finds out and reveals it. Now, in this example there are multiple ways to find 3, such as there were three people involved; the two in the affair and the discoverer. Or, one could also interpret it as three actions; it takes two to have the affair, which is the first action. Then you have the discovery, action two, and finally, the revealing of said affair would be action three that brings about the negative conclusion.

Diamonds & Fours:
In contrast to 3's & Squares, of course going back to the symbol for reference, have 4's and Diamonds representing positivity, or 'good'. While each number attached to Tam'nýer-a''s mysticism has its worth, and equal amount of hypothesis to strengthen the truths of their meanings, four tends to show up most often.

Perhaps the 4 positive vs. 3 negative this is to outnumber the negative, even if it is solely by one. And again, prove further still that good and evil require each other and are inseparable as both squares and diamonds have 4 points.

As with 3 and Squares, we used Y’ljnöx and their sigil as an example to show correlation, for the number 4 what better to use than the four Dancing Maidens; the Seasons and primary daughters of Time. In fact, they are the very ones who are attributed with keeping all life on Tam'nýer-a' going.

Using our previous example of an affair to denote the evil and hypothesis of adverse occurrence, we can also use it to show a path of healing and good. Take the equation again, but this time remove the discoverer and that leaves the two committing the affair and the two outside parties affected by said affair. The 4 can reconcile or split apart, but either way the conclusion and healing ultimately takes four.


Numerology Theories:
As we delve deeper into numbers, we find more correlations that take us back to 3's & 4's as primary numbers (not to be mistaken for prime numbers). Without going into too much detail, we will simply list theories of numerical interrelation:


7 Elements; 3 'bad' & 4 'good'
Because it is difficult to imagine negatives when associated with the Gods (aside from Y’ljnöx or Sara'ni) take it as 3 main negative aspects shown to us by the Elements. Those primary negative aspects (arguably) are:

‣Sty-kopös' hunger, aka. gluttony
‣Bók-T'ak's lack of self-restraint or fidelity
‣Llunon's self sacrifice (to an extreme) via offering comfort & love to Q'Tam'šmă only to end up being taken for granted and worse yet, forgotten.
*This theme is also shown in the way that Praq-huykl' is completely devoid of colour in order to give it all to nature.


8 Races
(4x2), birthed by the Gods and nurtured by the 4 Dancing Maidens.

32 Gods & Goddesses
Represented by the 32 triangles, and furthermore, 32 triangles made up of 8's, divvied up in 4 layers in the symbol.


The Circle:
While we have Squares that are a negative, and Diamonds that are positive, truthfully, we all know that diamonds are really just squares put on their points. This concept too is that good and bad are merely a matter of perspective and both are used to symbolize or relate to the Divines (triangles).

This also brings up the question, well, what about other shapes?

The other key shape is the Circle. While a circle is not part of the apparent symbol for Numerology it is there in spirit, considered ‘The Invisible Bond’. It is what keeps order and balances all elements, without us knowing or needing to be aware of it. The circle houses both harmony and chaos simultaneously, discerning a reason and purpose for both in tandem. One cannot exist without the other and because of these things, life is possible. There is a following to offer praise and worship to the circle, and while it is not considered blasphemy, it is on the sidelines of religion as its own little sect.

There are also ties to VüƑ as he is the weaver, and the God of Time. While he is not fate, he weaves every individual's path through life, and to do that he must understand this Invisible Bond to equally weave good and bad, ultimately making VüƑ the most powerful Divine. It further makes sense then that he is the only one considered to be alive aside from his daughter Vojshā.

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