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To help you in picking a species for your character, here's a basic run down of each one to help you decide which one you might be most interested in creating:

aoni flipped.png


A bird-like species with navy blue to grey and black plumage. They tend to be reclusive, and Ãoni can only leave their colony without being able to return. This is thanks to their fanaticism about their goddess; 

Ŧ'ţ'ra-'kii, although to the

rest of the world she is

known as the Goddess

of Spring.


Despite being a matriarchal religious society, the Ãoni

are renowned for being the

best midwives & physicians.



Mostly self explanatory 

except with some bonuses such as baldness not really being a thing, and hyper-mobility in the wrists.


The Humans are most known for their mechanical engineering; making clocks, stained glass and crafting automata.

Though it should be said that they are amongst the most superstitious of the species'.



They might be reclusive, as are the Ãoni, but they have fight in their blood.


Out of all the sentient species to grace Tam'nýer—a', none believe more than the Ṅkhya'jra. As a people, horned & tall, they strive collectively to bring the Gods back to life and restore the world to what it once was with magic thriving.


They will stop at nothing to reach their goal, and don't care how many species they have to wipe out in order to do so. The Ṅkhya'jra are also known to be the most proficient species when it comes to blood magic.



Known for their beauty, grace, and love of nature. They are best described as half-fox and half-human.


Coming from the jungle continent of Legs (proper name The Sky-Coral Sea), the Khah' are actually the most populous of all the species, and co-exist with everyone whenever or wherever possible in order to share their talents and their compassion.


They are known for their talismans (enchantment magic), shipbuilding, brothels and harmony with nature.



A dash of feline and human mixed together. They come from the mountains, and live off of trading and bartering.


The Z'sa'Ză-'Bäa are the only species to not really care about the Gods in any way, they have an ability to form alliances as they are simple folk in regards to not requiring much in order to be satisfied.


However, do not mistake the Z'sa'Ză-'Bäa for being thickheaded. They are masters of beasts of burden, architectural craft and engineering.


Masters of the ocean. They live in varying depths of the sea, and though they are not known for their beauty, are vital to the economy of Tam'nýer—a' as they are the gateway to all the riches the ocean has to offer.


If you need rare corals turned to medicine, you will have to consult with one. They also are the dealers of illegal goods, such as highly coveted liqueurs, and actually make the currency that the land dwelling use.


The Sk'älik themselves might prefer food, drink or a good story in exchange. The Sk'älik are also known to practice sacrificial magics that most of the world turns its nose up at.


Sadly, the Giyu are a species on the brink of extinction that have been scattered to the wind by the recent war with the Sk'älik. Half octopus and the tallest species by far, they are rare and powerful.


Their body strength is naturally high, and they have a way with taming oceanic animals.

Despite being dispersed, and beaten, they are prideful people who stick to the ocean and have the ability to remain on land for a couple hours at a time, giving them some sort of advantage.



The Zdjętzami are probably the most foreign or 'alien' species out of all the ones that occupy Tam'nýer—a'.


Resembling moths primarily, the Zdjętzami are separated from all the rest of the world, not out of want or necessity, but simply because their continent is the entire world to them.


They follow their own god, Bezăv, who is of shadow, and prepare most of their life to continue their journey into the afterlife, where Bezăv ultimately leads them through multiple lives.


A warrior species spread out across the wild deserts of Trótskarr. Their women are said to host demonic spirits, and people travelling through the sand dunes have heard them raving. 

Be way when crossing the sands, their men will raid you riding dragons made of stone. The only time they seem unthreatening is when they are wanting to trade a beautiful, bioluminescent flower. They say it makes a good tea.

They are wild. They are among us.




With Tam'nýer—a' being an older planet, its species have had to adapt or be killed by the difference of habitat and climate. The Tèrre-vănș, once the most prominent species across Tam'nýer—a', are now extinct.

Only relics of their settlements, as well as genes remain. The Tèrre-vănș gave birth to the now modern Khah' & Z'sa'Ză-'Bäa races, with a noticeable diminish in the fur department, as the planet has been making a shift to more of a rainforest & jungle environment on land. Over millennia, the suns surrounding Tam'nýer—a' have aged, thus heating up the planet slow enough to permit successful evolutions. Although, why exactly the Tèrre-vănș died off is unknown.

For the Tèrre-vănș the world was semi-glacial, mountains and tundras. Well equipped with fur, heavy long tails, and large ears which gave them an advantage in hearing prey as well as predators, they suited this seemingly barren land. It is speculated that despite being an ancestor species, their diet was much like that of those living in Tam'nýer—a' today relying on the bountiful oceans.

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