Tam'nýer—a''s year is incredibly long, approx 1,080 Earth days. This is due to it orbiting not one, but two suns. With this brings around a humongous fluctuation in weather. Tam'nýer—a' experiences roughly two of each season in a single year, and the seasons are in the extreme.

The rundown of the seasons for the different hemispheres is like this:


Super Summer all of Tam'nýer—a'

Spring Southern Hemisphere / Fall Northern Hemisphere

Summer Southern Hemisphere / Winter Northern Hemisphere

Spring all of Tam'nýer—a'

Super Summer all of Tam'nýer—a'

Fall Southern Hemisphere / Spring Northern Hemisphere

Winter Southern Hemisphere / Summer Northern Hemisphere

Spring all of Tam'nýer—a'

*The purple haze surrounding super summer is indicative that there is perpetual light for all of Tam'nýer—a'.


Winters are rife with blizzards mimicking hurricanes. Luckily, hurricanes are a regular occurrence on Tam'nýer—a' so dealing with this sort of weather dilemma is already taken care of, apart from the snow. This is shown in how Püertagœ is a walled and elevated metropolis, essentially barring out the terrible winds, and the aqueducts that supply the city with water, taking advantage of the snow and torrential rains to replenish the reservoir. However, there are other places in the world, Rīdhaūñaī for instance, that can experience about 24 feet of snow each winter and don't have the benefit of high walls to protect them from the winds.

Springs are welcomed, as it is here on Earth; the snow dissipates, turning to rain. However, the rains tend to be torrential and unexpectedly, with much sun. So these 'monsoon seasons' are not necessarily all drab and dismal with a heavy cloud coverage, and of course, this is also met with the wildlife and flowers coming back into full bloom, really quickly. The flora on Tam'nýer—a' bloom for a lengthy period of time, and most plant species bloom multiple times a year, even during lesser hospitable weather. Because of this tendency and the populace being quite attached to nature, indoor gardens are quite the regular thing in Tam'nýer—a''n homes.

Summers are what we would consider to be the worst, as Summer brings a plethora of geomagnetic storms or 'plasma storms'. Solar winds from the suns that cause temporary disturbances in the planets magnetosphere. This is the main reason why technology in Tam'nýer—a' will never be like ours here on Earth, and is mechanical engineering or steam. They simply cannot make electricity due to this hindrance of cosmic scale, they can't even make a compass and have it be reliable, hence sea faring is solely reliant due to the stars and planets (if we discount experience).

However, these geomagnetic storms get worse the closer it is to the peak of Summer, and that is how it is marked. These cause an aurora that is so strong it practically envelops the planet. Though these aurora are beautiful, and welcomed, it has been linked to some Humans feeling a little bit off, needing to rest more frequently than usual during the display. This is due to cosmic radiation, but the people of Tam'nýer—a' are not aware of these sorts of things.

Examples of auroras. The ones depicted with pinks and extreme yellows denote the peak of the Summer season.

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