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Have you heard?

We have a


& we want you to be a part of it!

On August 5th, 2020, we launched  a Kickstarter to fund a fun, exciting and spiritual project that is an Oracle Deck based off of our main pantheon!

The Deck will feature all 32 Gods & Goddesses in never before seen art that is currently being done by the incredibly talented Yayu, who you can learn more about here;


Now, you might be wondering things like

What is an Oracle Deck? 

What do the deities of Tam'nýer—a' have to do with the real world? 

What does it include?

How much will the deck cost?

When can I expect it? 

These are all really great questions, and I'll do my best to give you a quick run down to answer all of these.

First things first;

What is an Oracle Deck? 

Chances are you've heard of Tarot and probably know what a Tarot Deck is. Tarot is a spiritual belief and 'fortune telling' tool comprised of 72 cards. Out of these 72 cards there is a Major Arcana and a Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana is where we get the popular cards - the ones you've probably heard about like 'The Fool' or 'The Hermit' or that dreaded Tower card! 

An Oracle Deck is very similar to Tarot in the way that it is a deck of cards that deal with the metaphysical and help you sort out life's big questions. However, the key difference is that an Oracle deck can be whatever you want it to be, and how big you want it to be. It doesn't have a Minor Arcana that consists of Cups, Wands, Sword and Pentacles, and it's cards can be listed as whatever the creator of said deck wants it to be. 

There are hundreds of Oracle decks out there, just like difference stylizations of traditional Tarot, so you might find yourself wondering
"How do I know which one to get?" and the answer is actually really simple. It's whatever you feel drawn to. Think of it like trusting your gut instinct, or being 'pulled' to a particular piece of jewelry in a store. It's the same idea. If you feel a resonance with a deck, that's probably a sign that this might be the one for you and we hope that as you read on that you might feel a pull towards ours: Tam'nýer—a', a Fantasy OracleBut just in case you don't, that's okay too.


What do the deities of Tam'nýer—a' have to do with the real world? 


Y'ljnöx's sigil

Now this answer might get a bit tricky and long winded, so buckle up and get ready!


Tam'nýer—a' itself is a fantasy world that is incredibly spiritual and stalwart. In the official lore most of all the Gods & Goddesses are considered to be dead, and yet people still worship the gods and give offerings. Where there is doubt, superstitions have crept in to take place and help act as guiding tools for the people there. In fact, reading cards, just like this Oracle Deck we are trying to make, would be a replica of the cards we envision the denizens of Tam'nýer—a' using to tell their fortunes and try to get clarity with their paths, be it their life path or their spiritual one. However, in Tam'nýer—a', we refer to this as "making your own tapestry." 

Every single God and Goddess plays an important role in representing a factor of life, or the world around us, and it is as intricate as the real world that we live in. There is good, and there is bad, but all of it helps us in our journey. Without it, we would not be who we are right now, in this moment. The same is believed in Tam'nýer—a'. There is very little that is different between this fantasy world crafted as a role-play platform and ours, as Tam'nýer—a' is inspired by the multi-faceted world we have created around us over time; diverse cultures & extraordinary peoples. 

That being said, I invite you to check out 
Tam'nýer—a''s Gods and Goddesses and see for yourself the intricacies of the belief system here, and get an understanding of what they represent and how they can, not only effect you, but help you in your journey; in making your own tapestry.

For the sake of the Kickstarter and understanding that you are probably not

at all familiar with Tam'nýer—a', I am going to be focusing on the three gods

colloquially knowns as Y'ljnöx; they are the gods of Love, Friendship &

Possession, and to help get you acquainted I will refer to them as we go on

and to give you a taste of what this deck has in store for you. 

In Tam'nýer—a', the 32 Gods and Goddesses are viewed as transcendent

truth. They define the world, their stories are eternal, and they touch and

resonate with us as only as myths can do. Their lessons are profound and

multi-layered; they are compelling for the spiritual truth-seeker and the

mundane-preoccupied alike. In other words, the perfect guides on our soul journey, allowing us to meditate and discover ourselves in all our beautiful complexity, but also to co-create our paths; make our own tapestry.

As everything, especially when it comes to mythos, they can be left open to interpretation individual to individual, but ultimately there lies a fundamental lesson. The Divine Family, in which Y'ljnöx are the sons, is where it all starts to trickle down.

To give you a quick understanding, on one fine evening when the brothers regaled whilst drinking, Jn decided to prank his brothers, but this time he would take it much too far and seal their fates. He decided that out of a bit of fun, he would sneak into their parents' room and take a piece of their heart. To Jn, this was not only fun, but a way to express love to both his brothers, both older and younger than himself; Y'l and Öx. 

Without telling his siblings what it was, he merely offered it as something for them to try, and knowing that it was their parents' heart, which consequently must be love for them, why not get high on it? So they did! The unsuspecting brothers tore it apart into little pieces and proceeded to smoke it. Jn, took part, of course, but not as much because he was much more excited to see the effects take hold, especially considering that he was expecting to watch his brothers become elated as they would no doubt be filled with love, admiration and gratitude.

However, that was not to be the case at all. Soon after, Y'l and Öx became ill. Something was terribly wrong, and while Jn hadn't smoked too much, he wasn't feeling the best either. Lucky for Jn, he could leave the room with his life. His brothers were not so blessed as that as they laid there on the floor, bereft of life. 

You see, the issue was that they already possessed their parents' love and that their parent's heart was not something that they had rights to take and alter. Them extinguishing the piece of heart for their own pleasure and enjoyment that was not their own showed a fatal level of greed.

Ah, but what happened to Jn? Well, of course he had to tell his parents eventually, and with that came full circle. Out of anger and heartbreak, Sea & Sky, their parents, killed their only remaining son, and with that, Jn's body fell down to Tam'nýer—a', and breaking apart on impact, his body became the various land masses of the world. Soon, overtaken by grief, Q'Tam'šmă, the Goddess of the Sea, laid down and held the broken body of her son, and unable to leave her, Nýer—a', the God of the Sky, laid beside her, to never leave her alone with her grief which consumed her on account of their own hasty actions.

As you can tell, there are many lessons and various meanings to our tales, and these profound sentiments are reflected in our Oracle deck even beyond just the cards, but the 8 exclusive spreads we have designed solely for it as well.


What does it include?

Aside from all the beautiful art by Yayu — which is the bulk of what this Kickstarter hopes to achieve — is the production costs to make the cards a physical reality and tied to that are also the Stretch Goalsbut we'll get to those in a moment. 

Production costs for the bare minimums are as follows: 

  • Blue Core Standard - 280 gsm

    • Finish Type; Lamination 

  • Tuck Box; varnish; gloss finish

  • Instructions*; printed in Black & White; 24 pgs 

*The Instructions are what each card means when you do your readings as well as the 8 exclusive spreads designed for the deck itself.

Furthermore, we will be getting our Oracle Deck printed by PrintNinja!


By printing our deck with PrintNinja, we're not only getting a great product, but supporting a company that supports other Kickstarters as well. It's a win-win and it's an honour to work with them.


They offer fantastic service and our base minimums of printing with them (as well as shipping the lot to me) for 500 decks can be seen to the right.

*Please note that these prices are in USD.

Making our TOTAL GOAL =  $14,128.41USD (roughly 20k CAD)

This brings us to—


How much will the deck cost? 

The Oracle Deck itself will be $55 CAD 

Right now, according to for a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.34 CAD, that makes the deck approximately 
$41 USD

*Please note that these prices do not include shipping.

When can I expect it?

Because the world is a bit topsy-turvy right now, and we never really know when things could potentially get worse or better, we are setting an expectation date of delivery in May 2021. Now, do understand that that this isn't merely a production date, but a delivery date.


You should have the Tam'nýer—a', a Fantasy Oracle in May 2021 at the latest.

That being said, rest assured that I will keep you informed every bit of the way with frequent updates as far as the completion of art and production goes, and when I will be shipping out your deck as well! 

Stretch Goals

The Stretch Goals of our Kickstarter project are to ultimately transform the Tam'nýer—a', a Fantasy Oracle into a true work of art. 

These Stretch Goals include:

  • Blue Core Standard - 280 gsm

    • Finish Type; VARNISH; Gilded Edges to the deck (each card)

  • Custom-sized TWO-PIECE BOX; Laminated; gloss finish

    • Extra addition of Foil Stamping of 
      "​Tam'nýer—a', a Fantasy Oracle" on each box

  • Instructions; printed in FULL COLOUR w/ Gloss Finish; 24 pgs 

  • Card Backs printed with Metallic Ink

And the Stretch Goals will be hit in the following order:

  • Instructions; printed in FULL COLOUR w/ Gloss Finish; 24 pgs 


  • Blue Core Standard - 280 gsm

    • Finish Type; VARNISH; Gilded Edges to the deck (each card) ​​


  • Custom-sized TWO-PIECE BOX; Laminated; gloss finish


  • Foil Stamping of "Tam'nýer—a', a Fantasy Oracle" on each box


  • Card Backs printed with Metallic Ink


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