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Make Your Own Tapestry

Take an interest in fantasy worlds, stories, and imagination. Follow your heart to reinvent your life at its best. 

We're launching an exciting and spiritual project. An Oracle Deck representing our main pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. 

Tam'nýer—a' itself is a fantasy world that is incredibly spiritual and stalwart. In the official lore most of all the Gods & Goddesses are considered to be dead, and yet people still worship the gods and give offerings. Where there is doubt, superstitions have crept in to take place and help act as guiding tools for the people there. In fact, reading cards, just like this Oracle Deck we are trying to make, would be a replica of the cards we envision the denizens of Tam'nýer—a' using to tell their fortunes and try to get clarity with their paths, be it their life path or their spiritual one. However, in Tam'nýer—a', we refer to this as "making your own tapestry." 

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