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Various races all over Tam'nýer—a' have long since been practicing imprinting their bodies with the sigils of the gods & goddesses they hold dearest. This practice is a cultural norm to the Nkhya'jra in particular, but is no means specific solely to them. 

Millions of devout individuals like to keep their patron deities near, as if to have their guidance with them as they go about their day, rather than simply have an altar for them at home. No matter how long the gods have been dead, this practice is still common - of course, amongst some races more than others. 

As the Trail Markers have begun to glow again, letting the modern world of Tam'nýer—a' know that magic and the gods are still with them in some capacity, this ritualistic tradition is coming back, and offerings are on the rise again as scholars scramble to understand as the world evolves around them. 

When it comes to a deeper understanding of god sigil tattoos, as well as the scarification of them on one's person, this practice imbues fervent believers with Gifts. These divine gifts vary between the gods & goddesses as one might imagine, offering strengths or both physical and mental alterations. The complete list of these divine gifts are listed below, as are their rules for use in roleplay on our forums.


Here’s the wrench in the works; no one knows that these are the effects of one’s tattoos, not truly. It is assumed, but it is also attributed to the trail markers themselves. Because of this uncertainty and ambiguity, if you pick a gift for your character that makes you impervious to feeling bad about stuff, everyone will probably just think your character is an ass, since it isn’t fully understood yet. It is up to you & your character on how they balance this, if they even choose to balance it.

To be clear, your character cannot actively choose what gifts they get from their sigils; the Gods do, or well, you - the writer.

Please remember that this is about enhancing your character’s story and their character development. It is not about ‘winning’ a game. Your character and you cannot “win” Tam’nýer—a’ or beat it. It is a platform in which to play in.

If you try to find loopholes or abuse this system, Staff may choose to revoke your right to use Magic as a whole.


When it comes to picking and choosing your character's Gifts, there is a max of 5 that they can have no matter how many god & goddesses' sigils they bear.

Each God/Goddess has 5 Divine Gifts for you, the writer, to choose from. To help you out with understanding and plotting out how many gifts you can have have this handy-dandy guide:

  • If your character has only 1 sigil your character can have 3 out of the 5 divine gifts.

  • If your character has 2 sigils, your character can have 2 out of the 5 for each one.

  • If your character has 3+ sigils your character can have 2 from 1 and then 1 from the 2 gods remaining.

Important to Know

Because Enchantment is a magic, and Talismans are imbued with intent, please know that your character cannot share their divine Gifts, unless it is stated that they can share it via touch, etc. in the Gift Description itself. 



God of Fate & Creator of the Divines

  • Lack of morality; this ‘gift’ is essentially becoming accepting and neutral of all good and bad behaviours. Things such as killing and eating dinner are the same to your character. They merely accept it as how it is meant to be.

  • Loss of fear and intimidation; your character no longer experiences these feelings. However, it is fear and intimidation that often protect us from danger. This lack of fear and intimidation does not mean it is replaced with confidence and certainty.

  • For some reason or another, your character has a high ratio for luck to be in their corner. It isn’t 100% all the time, but more times than the average joe will they make it out of something or win by the skin of their teeth.

  • Thrill Seeker; because everything happens for a reason, your character is very chill with good and bad, creation and destruction, but that also means that they crave adrenaline rushes. If it will have an impact on their life or threaten it, they are all in. While this doesn't sound like a divine gift, their enthusiasm about it can instill courage in others to follow with things they’d otherwise never entertain.

  • For the Love of Pearls: into gambling? Maybe your character is a merchant? Whatever the case, they always seem to make a good bargain. 



Goddess of Peace & Self-Destruction

  • Attraction; people are attracted and feel a pull towards your character because they feel their kindness and goodness pulling on them like a magnet

  • Bottling; able to put stresses, concerns and trauma into items to unburden themselves, but even if they throw them away they will reappear in their home until they deal with them. If left too long they can take on a life of their own and cause your character to experience hallucinations.

  • Tolerance; whilst tolerance is a good thing, for followers of Atharva it is tolerance to the point of self-sacrifice. Your character can bear weight and abuse like nothing else. It will never break them, but your character will have a harder time breaking the cycle of abuse.

  • Peacemaker; when finding oneself in the position of a mediator, your character can hear both sides and coerce mutual compromise. Even if it fails, neither side will bear your character ill will or disdain.

  • Serenity; always at peace, even when facing their own death. If your character happens to be naturally calm under any stressful event, they can also instill a sense of peace in someone else by physical contact. However, this is beyond being perfect, and can still fail to calm people of naturally aggressive personalities.

nyera sigil redo.png


God of the Sky, 'Father of All'

  • Hopeless Romantic; will literally go to the ends of the earth to prove that they love someone or something, and yet, it takes very little energy to do so. They might as well be relaxing in a bath despite working tirelessly and devotedly in whatever passion they have. However, this can be seen as a zealousness that is unappealing. 

  • Running Hot; Cold wind crops up on them? No coat? No problem, because they run warm, though this can backfire during summer.

  • In dark spaces they seem to have a golden glow about them. It isn’t so strong as to mimic the sun, but there definitely is something about them; like the glow of a phone screen with the brightness all the way down. However, this will not illuminate rooms or replace candlelight. 

  • Your character has a fire in them that does not let them give up. Whether it is about life as a whole or a project, they won’t back down, and see potential in everything, even things that others view negatively. 

  • Patience and acceptance are things that your character has quite a bit of; think of it as the ability to love someone for who they are right now and knowing & loving what they can become, without getting upset at them for not becoming what you see in them. Your character understands that everything will happen in due time and nurtures throughout. This is highly noticed by others and can ingratiate you even to complete strangers.

QT sigil redo.png


Goddess of the Sea, 'Mother of All'

  • Life Giving; when people share time with your character, they feel refreshed afterwards. This inadvertently makes you a great people-person, and creates a sense of trust with others.

  • Swimming comes naturally to your character, even in rougher waters.

  • Swimming, though a full body exercise, takes 3 times longer than an average person to tire your character out.

  • If in the water in dark spaces or outside at night, your character might find that whatever part of them is submerged has a golden glow. However, this glow is not bright enough to truly illuminate their surroundings.

  • Understanding the Tides; able to read the ocean and understand if a tsunami is coming or a storm. 



Gods of Love, Friendship & Possession, Tam'nýer—a''s Land Masses

  • Those that bear the brothers sigil may find themselves equipped with an intense feeling of greed. Be it for love, money, or other material or metaphysical possessions. However, in relation to this greediness, your character may truly never misplace anything. They can set things down and always, always remember where and how it was placed & find it again later. 

  • Unsevered Ties; very powerful love, one so strong that your character rarely could even consider the idea of abandoning someone they hold dear. This leads them to hold their families, lovers, and friends incredibly close and in return incites a mutual endearment back to them, but that does not mean that the person actually treats your character well. While they love like no other to the point it could make onlookers envious, they can feel that ardently about someone who manipulates & uses them.

  • Hoarder; your character has a difficult time letting anything go, no matter what. At the same time, this also means that they are somewhat of a living magnet; things also 'find' your character easily and it could be the exact thing or opportunity they needed.

  • True Sight; whenever your character is intoxicated they seem to understand/see people's true selves. The issue is that your character definitely will speak their mind and possibly use other people’s weaknesses that they see, possibly causing rifts once sobered up. 

  • Keen Acquaintanceship; Your character tends to be able to strike up a good solid friendship from someone from any walk of life, or at the very least, strike up conversation with every and anyone that the other may come to think of from time to time. They will also remember your character’s face.



God of Time, 'The Weaver'

  • A large tolerance for different individuals & patience

  • Able to stay calm under extreme pressure to the point that it may convince others that your character does not care. However, this let’s your character think and problem solve clearly under massive pressure

  • The ability to lead without fear as your character is endowed with an understanding that everything has a natural beginning and end. 

  • Stretching out time; while others only experience a candlemark and can read a quarter of a book, your character can stretch it out and read a book from beginning to end in a single candlemark - this does take serious time to master.

  • A practically innate ability and understanding of how to weave. Your character  has to learn about doing more advanced things, but even if they’ve never tried before, they will know their way around a loom.



Goddess of the Veil, 'The Gatekeeper'

  • Speed; Incredibly quick, whether it be running, or completing a task. Running speed would be that of an Olympian without training needed.

  • Determination; whether in the midst of a heated debate or danger, there is something within that gives your character the strength and courage to not back down. Your character must be heard. Your character must win. However, this determination can be to the detriment of their own health.

  • Defender; while the above is about not backing down, being a defender means that your character will fight for others and for their protection so long as they feel an affinity for them. Because of this, others feel protected & safe around your character.

  • Able to see the stars despite a slightly clouded sky or twilight, enhancing one’s ability to chart them and also navigate a ship.

  • Because of the Goddess’ attachment to the sky, when the aurora’s happen, even during Super Summer, your character will not feel ill. In fact, during the auroras, your character will feel energized.



God of Language & Mathematics

  • Ease of learning languages; including mathematics & music

  • Ease of ability understanding complex language, mathematics & music

  • Diplomacy; influencing others by the way they speak, though this may fail against the most stubborn of individuals.

  • Able to understand/interpret body language with proper certainty and discrimination.

  • Ability to touch things and ‘hear’ how they are feeling; touching a tree and having it ‘tell’ your character that it is sick, or a flower and it ‘tells’ your character that it needs more water.


God of Manipulation, 'The Snake'

  • Silver Tongue; talk their way in or out of anything with a 50/50 chance of being successful. This doesn’t mean that people can’t think back on it later though and hate your character for it.

  • It takes a lot of energy, but manipulation at its finest; turning water into wine, or in Tam’s case, tagraz. 

  • Healing; If your character finds themselves injured, be it physical, emotional or psychological, your character is able to heal a bit of it away. If a scrape, it may disappear entirely. If emotional, your character will be able to process it, and put their energy into more positive things thanks to a change in mindset. If psychological and handled soon enough, there may be no lingering trauma. Essentially, they are manipulating themselves for the better.

  • Contortionism; just as the name states, your character is able to contort their body, or their viewpoint to extremes. They have much more flexibility physically, and are able to see a clearer picture of situations overall, giving a bird’s eye view of circumstances.

  • Able to sense snakes and track them; good if they’re starving in the wilderness or traversing grassy/jungle terrain so your character can avoid poisonous or venomous ones.



Goddess of Indifference & Mischief

  • Indifference; there is a deep seeded indifference to the feelings of others. If your character offended someone, perhaps they shouldn’t attribute so much meaning to your character, right? Everything is everyone else’s problem, not yours.

  • Confidence; no matter what anyone else may think of your character, they love themselves. Outside influences matter little to your character. If they want to walk through the streets naked, your character has the courage & confidence to do so. 

  • Schadenfreude; your character gets amusement out of torturing others, either by being a playful trickster or through potentially harmful and traumatizing shock value. Your character lives to stir the pot and again, people getting upset matters not. In fact, it probably adds to the fun.

  • Lack of self-doubt; while normal people might question themselves, their actions, or words they said during a fight later, your character doesn't. They know in their heart that what they said, they meant with conviction. People may try to plant seeds of doubt too, but um, new phone who dis?

  • Energy storing; the more your character ignores people who try to take them down, don’t like them, etc, the more energy they seem to have for the things they actually give a damn about.



God of Lies

  • Liar liar, pants on fire; your character can tell lies so well that they have very little trouble convincing people. However, ridiculous and insanely far fetched lies are far more easily caught on to. What’s more troubling is that the lies they tell can sometimes be so convincing that they themselves can’t stop from believing it even with blatant proof against it is right in front of them. Think pathological lying.

  • Incredible talent with the violin, even at first picking up the instrument. This ability causes the listeners to truly feel the music they are listening to far more intensely than they normally would. 

  • An immunity to self-doubt. This is not confidence in the sense that they are proud and capable, but rather that they don’t disbelieve in their abilities and that things are simply matter of fact. 

  • Insidious: your character can instill a seed of doubt/cause others to doubt themselves without even trying. 

  • Socialite; your character seems to have a charm about them, but it’s not always seen with keen desires. This charm is just a natural draw, your character pulls on others, even if your character still makes them feel unsettled and untrusting.



Goddess of Compassion, War, Induced Death & Bias

  • Able to remove pain from the dying.

  • Your character can calm the fears of others when they are dying, giving them a sense of peace and acceptance to their death. They feel safer and understanding of the unknown of death and can suddenly find comfort in it. 

  • Your character does not fear death, they instead accept it for all that it is and as it comes they find more peace. They also do not suffer when their time comes.

  • Inner Strength; no matter how many times your character may fail at something, or how depressed they get, they will always rise back up. There is someone in them that is unkillable - their will. Because of this, your character also tends to finish what they start.

  • Innate ability to play the violin, and convey any emotion through the music played.


God of Excuses

  • While your character may make excuses, or bow out of responsibilities, they are able to spin it off as doing it for the benefit of others half of the time successfully, after the fact.

  • Avoidance; if they are wanting to dip out of something, your character has a higher chance of being successful in negotiating that they miss out before it occurs.

  • Negotiation; talking people into taking up their responsibilities. This is successful only half of the time, and people will tend to catch on.

  • Defending; if they choose to do so, your character can make excuses/defend their actions or words for people they genuinely like, and half the time convince people of their viewpoint.

  • Able to slip out of crowds & social events without people noticing them the majority of the time.



God of Vanity, Excess & Narcissists

  • Talent with colours and clothing, as well as jewelry-making; a natural trend-setter. This will get you the recognition from complete strangers and surface-level reverence from those that know you.

  • Worshipers of Sara’ni have a great deal of confidence in their own appearance. Their vanity becomes important and sometimes distresses them should something make them look poorly, but overall their confidence in their appearance is truly unshakable even at the crudest of insults. 

  • An easy ability to fulfill good deeds and prosper from completing them, even if the good deed is done without concern or true care for anyone but having the deed done to climb the social ladder. 

  • Cuts to the quick; vicious mockery. These worshipers have a talent for lashing out insults that make even the most unshakable confidence start to shrivel and wince from the sting of their words. 

  • Cold turkey; if someone proves to be of no use or no value to your character, or dares to insult them, your character can cut them out of their life with no feelings of remorse or guilt.



Goddess of Memory

  • Tracing; Touching any surface and reliving an ‘echo’ (someone else’s memory) attached to that surface

    • E.g., touching a broken piece of pottery and seeing that it was thrown at someone as a means to try and injure them, but from the object's point of view

  • Whispers; Touching any surface and only hearing a whisper of what has happened there. Nowhere near as intense as the above, making it easier to dispel and not be haunted by it

  • Audio memory (echoic); Your character can remember conversations from a month ago or a year ago as clearly as a conversation they are currently having. Once heard, they never seem to forget, even if they desperately want to.

  • Photographic memory (sometimes referred to as eidetic); Your character can remember anything, as they take things in visually. Even if glanced at, your character never seems to forget, even if they want to

  • Procedural memory; learn to do a task, do it once, and be able to recall it months later, performing the task as flawlessly as they did it the first time.



God of Comfort, Warmth & Wax, 'The Bed Maker'

  • Flames don’t seem to bother your character as much as the regular person. Holding their hand above a candle’s flame only seems to hurt them after a minute or so.

  • Comfort & Warmth; your character creates a sense of homely comfort to others around them, as if they feel like whatever home is to that person. This permits your character to make fast friends

  • Intimacy; due to the myth of Nue creating her bed to mimic her dead lover’s embrace, with this gift, one can exude a familiar sense of intimacy a stranger might have with their lover. However, just as the stranger is pulled towards them, your character is also bewitched.

  • If they are out in the elements, despite freezing or feeling unwell, their body will still be strangely comfortable and warm.

  • Your character sees more than a normal person in candlelight, e.g., colours & details are still prominent. Also, reading/writing in candlelight doesn’t cause headaches or discomfort even over long periods of time. 



God of Companionship, The Moon

  • While it may be platonic love, people feel this intense, deep level connection with your character; accepted for who they are, and loved unconditionally, as if your character absolves them from all their wrongdoings in life, as well as their regrets.

  • Your character has the ability to have tolerance for every type of person, even someone they might be repulsed by. This inadvertently lets them get into crowds that they normally would not be able to breach to extremes such as if they were a priest and went into a criminal den. Please note that this ability concerns solely camaraderie.

  • Marked by silver or white hair and during true nighttime one might exude a glow akin to a lunar halo

  • Your character feels energized and renewed when it is true nighttime, whether they’ve had a good rest or not, making them undeniably a night-owl. Technically, if they never sleep during the day but the season provides true night time, your character could forgo sleep for the season, but don’t think that the next season when there isn’t true nighttime that they won’t pay for it.

  • They have an effect on the ocean. When they walk by the shore during the night, the tide might rise to try and meet them or ebb away from them (up to 5 ft), depending upon where the moon is during its cycle. This does not mean they can part the sea like Moses. 



God of Death & Reincarnation

  • If your character goes for walks in fields, forested or jungle areas, they tend to leave small mushrooms in their wake.

  • When making tinctures, teas and/or poisons, they are twice as potent as they normally would be. This means that healing effects, health effects and deadly effects are increased if your character has made them.

  • When traversing the world by ship, it always seems as though the ocean is kind to your character, carrying them to their destination faster and storms are a rarity.

  • Sight; your character can tell when someone is pregnant, even before they know & if they're about to go into labor. On that same token, they can also tell when someone is dying or dead.

  • Your character does not fear death or unknowns. They also feel no pain when it is their time, even if fatally wounded. However, that lack of pain will also tell you that you are not going to survive.



God of Hope, 'The Shinning (Golden) Boy of the Gods'

  • Youth; they always have energy, unless working a different type of magic. Though this also means they probably have insomnia. Oops!

  • People cannot stop smiling around your character. They instill others with gaiety and hope. Your character is a living cure for depression, but only to others. However, this is not permanent and may cause others to seek your character out for unhealthy amounts of attention. 

  • Elation; they are always happy. Nothing seems to be able to bring your character down. They still feel sadness, devastation and loss, but these feelings fade quickly.

  • Probably due to the culture of having Pajj’nž on doors or in doorways, your character seems to make quick friends, or at least be able to talk your way into almost anywhere.

  • Innate ability to play the flute and have people listen.



Dancing Maiden (Goddess) of Spring

  • The ability to make flowers bloom, even when out of season.

  • Green thumb for even the most troublesome of plants, those creeping weeds and vines that can slip between the cracks in brick and plaster may sometimes “follow” worshipers of Lo’Qit. However, these vines and troublesome weeds can be “convinced” with the right training and guidance to be less harmful to foundations and walls. 

  • A natural balance on their feet. Your character can find themselves to be very difficult to tip over, be knocked off balance, and have incredibly well adapted sea legs even if they’ve never been on a boat before. 

  • Your character can instill happiness in others if they care to. However, because your character sometimes cannot understand, or ‘see’ other people’s suffering they can’t. That being said, it is nigh impossible for your character to be depressed, which in turn is what makes others finding life difficult such a hard to grasp concept.

  • Your character, instead of ‘snowing’ dandruff, sheds petals instead and smells naturally of flowers. As nice as this is, if your character is around people with allergies, it can set them off.



Dancing Maiden (Goddess) of Summer

  • Summer Reign; your character needs less sleep during summer, and constantly feels energized. They are also more headstrong during the summer season. If your character is Human, they are not affected by the cosmic radiation of geomagnetic storms (aurora borealis/northern lights).

  • No Holds Barred; those with this Gift are the most determined people - willing to do anything to achieve their goal. Whether the outcome is profitable or not, they continue till the deed is done. The sense of completion they get is also euphoric, which acts as constant motivation and energizes them no matter the obstacle. Think of your character’s determination and diligence like an addiction driving them forward to get their fix.

  • Acceptance; those bearing Žraăst'e’s sigil come to the stage of acceptance whenever they have suffered a loss twice as fast as others, cutting grieving time down immensely, be it a death, loss of job, friend, etc.

  • Heat Seeker; it could be hot as Hell outside, and your character will not be fatigued or worn out. This means that they could probably survive crossing the desert, so long as they have enough water and food to sustain them normally.

  • Black or White; dictates how your character sees things, making their decisiveness very cutthroat. Even if it means a loved one’s detriment, if you character views something to be a certain way, there’s no convincing them otherwise. If climbing the social or job ladder, this is extremely useful because your character also won’t feel bad for stepping on others to get ahead. Think of it as being guilt-free, so long as you believe it is right.



Dancing Maiden (Goddess) of Autumn

  • Due to the myth that she collects colours from nature, one gains vibrantly coloured strands of hair amongst their natural hair colour. 

    • So long as the colours are in Tam’s flora & fauna, you can have it sporadically throughout your character’s hair, but cannot be the main colour(s) of your character’s hair. Their natural colour must be the main, the others are extra.

  • Those that worship Czek'athü have an ability to create vibrant paints from the pigments they personally gather. These paints have a saturation and liveliness to them that makes paintings and art made with them seem to come to life even to the most skeptical of critics. 

  • When your character is in someone’s presence, that person has an internal difficulty not speaking the truth, even telling white lies. They don’t know why that is the case. 

  • Lovers; Your character rarely has difficulty when it comes to love; while your character may find themselves extremely supportive of their lovers, your lovers may find themselves willing to sacrifice bits of themselves for you when they otherwise may have never done so in a previous relationship. 

  • ‘Tis the Season; when it is Autumn, your character feels energized (also needs less sleep), has clarity of mind and can accomplish more than any other time of year.



Dancing Maiden (Goddess) of Winter

  • Your character feels more energized during the winter and, while some animals may go into hibernation, your character does the opposite. They sleep in extremely small quantities, but will feel the consequence come next season.

  • The cold does not bother your character feeling wise, aka they don’t feel the cold. However, it will also take your character longer to get chills & frostbite.

  • DIY; your character has a keen sense for what random things can be used for, even in non-conventional ways. Think of this as having an innate ability of being able to MacGyver things.

  • Ability to multitask many things, not just mentally but physically as well. Think of never having waitressing experience, but inexplicably able to balance 6-10 plates as though you have been doing it for years. Or cooking a meal, not solely for yourself but your family and doing calculus simultaneously. 

  • Lesson Learned; if your character comes across a life lesson, it may be excruciating but once learned, they probably won’t repeat it, unlike the rest of us who might have a repeating pattern for the rest of our lives. This also means that they rely on themselves more often than not, and have a tendency not to ask for help. 



Goddess of Air & Sexual Dalliance

  • Allure; your character feels comfortable and confident in their skin all the time.

  • Even if they’re a klutz, they could seduce someone by giving them bedroom eyes before they trip over themselves. Mind you, they cannot control who they charm regardless of if they have a monogamous partner. 

  • Extremely high sex drive, and can influence others to give in to carnal pleasures. However, the person(s) will know afterwards and this can obviously backfire immensely. The high sex drive, however, is because sexual interactions give them energy.

  • Air; a surprising gift, but can help others who are having difficulty breathing, breathe with ease by mere touch.

  • They never seem to get illness symptoms that include trouble breathing. In fact, they never seem to have difficulty breathing even if exerting their body.



God of Fire & Hunger

  • Extremely fast metabolism meaning your character can eat and drink more, and not risk obesity. 

  • Able to eat pretty much everything raw and not get sick.

  • Always warm when your character needs to be. They won’t ever truly feel cold. However, they lose a lot of energy when in the cold and may not take notice of their body experiencing frostbite or hypothermia.

  • Your character can often go long periods of time without eating, only a little longer than others (half 1 Tam’nýer-’a’’n Hour/12 earth hours), but often the need for food itself is much more subdued. However, when hunger does finally take hold, your character may find their appetite difficult to satisfy and will do anything to get food.

  • Your character feels energized and unstoppable when around heat sources, be it a fire, a few candles, etc. The more heat they feel (that is not risking their life) the faster they can move, &  the quicker they can think on their feet.



God of Earth & Harvest

  • Walking by flora will make them bloom if they are already budding. Keeping a plant in their presence for a few candlemarks (hours) has a chance of pulling it back from the brink of death as well.

  • Walking by an old animal will give them energy. If they are sick, your character can ease the symptoms of the animal’s illness while they are in your character’s company.

  • Flowers that usually bloom with softer pastel colours have a tendency to bloom with far more saturated pigments than normal, these pigments enhance their use for creating dyes for clothing that they normally could not manage without large amounts of these flowers. In essence, it takes less flowers to create more dye than normal. 

  • Flora that your character grows will be more potent. For example, making teas, foods or poisons will be more powerful and take less ingredients than normal and have a better flavour. Note though that the flavour aspect also affects poisons, even if normally tasteless.

  • When eating and drinking, if something happens to be spoiled, your character will not get sick from it.



Goddess of Water, Will and Strength

  • Can drink salt water as if it is fresh water.

  • Those that worship Llunon have an ability to easily cleanse waters that are otherwise unsuitable to drink, and in doing so this water tends to be far more refreshing and “tasty” than any other water. If this water is poisoned, be it intentional or incidental, the poison can be cleansed if your character knows for certain that the water is poisoned. 

  • If your character does not know that they are being poisoned, their devotion to their goddess will dilute it, giving them an opportunity to get an antidote. 

  • Ease of Will; your character can go with the flow unlike anyone else. If there’s an argument, your character can brush it off or compromise. Your character hardly feels offended, and is happy agreeing to disagree and going on their merry way even if this is not their natural reaction. That means that even when they are geared up for a fight, their own behaviour may take them off guard after the fact.

  • Potions, foods & drinks that all need water to be made are stronger & more flavourful. If you cook for someone else and they ask for the recipe, they can cook it but it will never taste as good as your character’s, even if they make it exactly the same.



God of Lightning & Paths

  • If it is overcast and your character is extremely emotional, they have the possibility of influencing the weather, causing thunder and potentially lightning for the length of a normal storm. However, calming will not disperse a storm or stop the rains.

  • Your character has an innate ability for dance. Regardless of poor rhythm or lack of music, your character can make art with their body and the movements in dance. It is entertaining and often alluring to watch. 

  • Your character has an unfortunate ability to attract those that are easily prone to severe bouts of jealousy, but your character has such a tolerance for it that it is easy for them to subdue the jealousy and ‘calm the storm’ caused by these bouts. However, this can be very draining. 

  • Passionate lovers; those that are truly devoted to Ižwala' are known to be incredible passionate lovers in bed. A stamina for love-making unseen by anyone else, these lovers can often leave their bed partners exhausted, but they themselves can many times be left feeling insatiable and unsatisfied. 

  • Purge; thanks to the mythos of Ižwala' helping his brother burn away impurities, your character has a much more difficult time being infected by impurities, aka your character has a harder time becoming sick from coming into contact with germs or eating something bad for them (not including poison).



God of Wood (Trees)

  • Wanderlust; they get rejuvenated and energized when walking in nature. If they go for a quick walk through the woods, it’s as good as getting a hearty 2 hour nap when tired. 

  • Cabin Fever; your character can be restless and quite unsettled from remaining in one place for too long. On the travels they take from this intense desire striking them, they often return having discovered something new of themselves or the philosophy from the world around them. However, this can become so intense for them that they may even abandon their responsibilities, even families, because they simply need to travel and explore to be amongst nature. 

  • Have an incredible amount of endurance when it comes to travelling on land. They can ride for 12 hours (half a Tam’nýer—a’’n Hour) or walk for the same amount of time, so long as they can see trees. If at some point they are no longer able to see trees and are no longer in the vicinity of them, your character will immediately be overcome with exhaustion and need to set up camp.

  • Tree Friends; when your character is out and about, trees tend to have attitudes towards you. If it is snowing and you are kind to them, they will never drop snow on you and offer your character shelter with their branches. If it is raining and you are kind to them, they will never drip on you, and offer you protection from the rain like a proper umbrella. If they are pollinating, your character is nice to them and has allergies, their pollen will not set those allergies off. If your character is, however, not nice to trees, they not only won’t offer shelter but drop their loads of snow and rain on them, as well as release pollen when in season. 

    • Being mean to a tree includes talking badly to it, swearing at it, condoning the chopping of one down for the view of your house, etc.

  • Talented Hands; if your character plants a tree, it will grow 3 times as fast as a regular one and you have an aptitude for carving, including detail work.



God of Gems & Minerals

  • Your character’s bones are much stronger than a normal person’s, some might say they’re as strong as diamonds, making it extremely difficult to break them. However, when they do break, it takes them much longer to heal.

  • A natural ability for archery

  • Gain a natural tolerance for any toxic effects from gems & minerals, e.g., they can wear Jaq'-bû jewelry.

  • Their eyes may take on 1 to 2 more colours than their natural one; think of it as an enhanced heterochromia.

    • Not colour shifting or changing. Just different coloured patches or speckles that are permanent.

  • Their nails permanently take on a colour pattern of a gem or mineral.

    • Not colour shifting or changing. You pick a gem or mineral and that’s the colour/colour pattern that their nails present.

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