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In Tam'nýer—a', the 32 Gods and Goddesses are viewed as transcendent truth; They define the world. Their stories are eternal, and they touch and resonate with us as only myths can do. Their lessons are profound and multi-layered; they are compelling for the spiritual truth-seeker and the mundane-preoccupied alike. In other words, the perfect guides on our soul journey, allowing us to meditate and discover ourselves in all our beautiful complexity — the chaos & order — but also to co-create our paths; make our own tapestry.

As everything, especially when it comes to mythos, they can be left open to interpretation individual to individual, but ultimately there lies a fundamental lesson. And, as in traditional Tarot, the people of Tam'nýer—a' use cards to garner a sense of tangible guidance, a better understanding of the self, outer forces and the universe as a whole. 

On this page we will delve into the meaning of the many Gods & Goddesses and how they can be interpreted in a reading.

The Cards, Gods
  their Meanings


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God of Fate & Creator of the Divines


  • FACING; Good luck. The concept of either going with the flow and being assisted by invisible forces. In or swimming against the tide, being supported and successful. The natural order of things resonating with your current path; taking chances. Constant in the face of chaos; understanding that discord can be beneficial to reveal inner strengths. 

  • REVERSED; Bad luck, loss of faith which endangers the entire being, a spiritual entropy. Impartial; keen detachment or dissociation. Hindrance by forces unknown and giving in. Giving one’s power away to explosive or implosive emotions, outside forces; becoming complacent with destruction.


Goddess of the Veil


  • FACING; Look beyond mere appearances and not to take things at face value. Keen sense of intuition, stepping lightly and being cautious paying off. Understanding the whole situation in order to make the best decision. Blossoming sense of worth and self; everything coming together, full circle. Making peace with secrets, bad situations; no longer being weighed down.

  • REVERSED; Blinded by something else and in danger of losing faith; secrets. Deception whether meant or not. Good intentions gone wrong; overstepping, imposing to the point of being toxic, meddling. Focusing too much on outer things rather than inner or to the point of forgetting inner all together.


Goddess of the Sea 

  • FACING; Strong female figure, feminine energy, acceptance of one’s sufferings, suffering and/or emotional loss, sacrifice. In the future it can also mean change or transformation by getting lost in something whether it be a hobby or a new lover, etc. Inner strength, perseverance. A weakening of one’s foundation only to build back up again; a new horizon.



God of the Sky, Father of All  


  • FACING; A strong male figure, masculine energy, authority or society; the cultural and societal norms. A heightened interest in the arts and sciences, higher learning; a need for better understanding. Climbing to a pedestal whether self imposed, familial or societal. Following one’s spirit even if outer voices are loud. Without doubt, solid foundations, becoming sure in one’s footing. Rationale, though there may be a price, the price is worth it.

  • REVERSED; Light of the spirit is rather dim, which may be because of a passionate nature or impulses taking over. Be weary of ignorance, or a lingering mystery or enigma. Potential skeletons in the closet coming to the forefront as the lesson has been ignored. A notice of revolving doors, or repeating situations. 


God of Death & Reincarnation

  • FACING; Ending and new beginning; death, a new birth. Something which needs to (symbolically) die in someone’s life to make room for new things. Major shift. Letting go of things. Cleansing. Change; forceful or not.

  • REVERSED; Getting in your own way; experiencing fear, anxiety. Backing yourself into a corner can lead to wild emotions keeping you from straying from your current path in a way you do not want. However, if you are being backed into a corner by others, this chaos may be the right motivation to get you on a new path you did not know you needed.


The Moon, Goddess of Companionship

  • FACING; Balance, understanding of self and others involved. Acceptance, good heart. Loyal, faithful. Rich in matters of the heart, love and knowing people for who they are. Patience. Unadulterated good spirit. Strong companionship with peers and others; sense of belonging. Mindfulness.

  • REVERSED; Be wary of toxicity. Devaluing, diminished capacity, taken for granted. Desperation. Step lightly, but perhaps quickly. A sense of being trapped. Self reflection. A requirement for balance. Feeling stranded, lost, abandoned. A loss or distortion of self-worth.


God of Platonic Love

  • FACING; A spirit in tune with their surroundings. Finding peace and fulfillment in small things often viewed as insignificant. Deep connections with others. Wholesomeness. Apathy, yet empathy; good balance. Synergy.

  • REVERSED; A new rush of feeling. Infatuation. Tentative new beginnings. Possibility of new habits and fulfillment. Short-lived elation without work. Crossroads; decision needing to be made.


God of Possessive Love

  • FACING; Conflict. Destructive passions. Suffocation. Controlling behaviour. Greed. Jealousy. Constant push and pull. Tension; little to no rest. Stunted growth. Envy. Suffering. Volatile connection. Obsession.

  • REVERSED; Trials and tribulations coming to an end. A scored path. Open wounds. Anger, hurt.  Loss. Dust settling. Potential for healing or vengeance. Deep seeded issues. Root of the problem. Lesson.


God of Mature Attachments/Love

  • FACING; Solid foundations. Maturity. Trust. Founded reasonings of love; not influenced by surface-level infatuations, whims, or lust. Acceptance and the freedom to be vulnerable. Security & safety. Attachment. Perseverance. Loyalty. Time tested.

  • REVERSED; Conflict. A foundation threatening to crumble. Exhaustion. Weakness. Erosion. A need to go back to the beginning. Assessment. Dedication to cause. Smothered spirit.


God of Manipulation

  • FACING; An attempt to change the consequences of one’s actions. A lack of morals in going about goals; lack of empathy. Fighting against the natural flow of life (the universe). Micromanaging. False pedestal. Scrambling, yet self-assured. Conflict of power and struggle for it. Unable to relinquish control, even when there is none. Illusion. Fictional suffering. 

  • REVERSED; Resonating with others. Manipulation; good or bad. Ripple effect. Reaching a climax. Changing circumstances. The surface of things evolving; think of trees changing colour because it is Autumn, but the landscape stays the same. Time for a potentially hard decision; make or break it, movement must be made.


Goddess of Indifference & Mischief

  • FACING; Bored. Energy and dreams with nowhere to go; frustration being translated to acting out. Desperate for change, and so becoming taunting of anything. Coltish. A need for stimulation. Vivacity. Breakthrough on the horizon; demanded. 

  • REVERSED; Cunning. Appearing apt; either legitimately or through deception. Bold. Uninhibited. Comfortable in one’s skin; confidence. Brazen. Lack of concern over impact, influence and consequences. To be seen & heard regardless of the sentiments of others. 


God of Time

  • FACING; Hurtful truths. Loss of illusion; clarity, understanding. Self-reliance. Need for stability. Catalyst. Courage required. Patience. Draining experiences, though necessary. One’s solitary path. Affirmation. Rising to a challenge. Call of destiny; synchronicity.



Dancing Maiden: Goddess of Spring

  • FACING; Rediscovery of purpose. New sense of personal resolve; bolstered by overcoming hardships. New chapter in life; new adventures. Shaky start, but finding feet. Cautious, but not ruled by fear. Resolution of obstacles; leave the past in the past. A lightness in one’s step. Rekindled joy. Self-satisfaction.



Dancing Maiden: Goddess of Summer

  • FACING; Inner strength. Ruthless determination. Outright refusal of failure, no matter the cost. Unconquerable will. Resilience. Shrewd; possible cruel delivery. A bulldozing force; no rest. A warrior’s attitude, even if not needed. Ferocity. Honouring oneself.



Dancing Maiden: Goddess of Autumn

  • FACING; Role model. Accountability. Hard work. Perseverance. Sticking to the course; determination with even steps. Revealing one’s true self under pressure. Sowing seeds for the future; deliberate or not. Genuine.



Dancing Maiden: Goddess of Winter

  • FACING; Resourcefulness. Patience. Gained wisdom. Learned balance. Seeing and understanding from an elevated position. At peace with life. Calm. Understanding the flow of the universe and that you are a conduit.



Goddess of Memory

  • FACING; Feeling less than whole due to a loss. Remembrance. Wholesome nostalgia. Learning from experience. Guarded. Acknowledgement of a past self with potential of stepping into the future. Growing pains. Changing chapters of one’s life; either to repeat or transformation. Witnessed change. Taking inventory of life. Resolution and/or resolve. 

  • REVERSED; Running from the past or stuck in it. A denial of history. Unable to face circumstances. Hindrance in growth. Lack of memory, perhaps to avoid things that are unfavorable, or makes one feel shameful. Aversion of the idea of legacy. Longing for attachment. Feeling disconnected from oneself, or the idea of. Unable to recognize the person in the mirror.


God of Language & Mathematics


  • FACING; Clarity. Music. Outspoken. The freedom of being oneself, potentially with pride. Collaboration. Healthy relationships. Open communication. A full voice; courage. Free-flowing, ease. Preserving boundaries. Compromise. Harmony.

  • REVERSED; Holding back to the point of personal detriment; ripple effect. Repression and/or suppression. A want of being heard, but no assertiveness. Lack of communication. Fear. Cut off. Stunted; no sense of expression. Self-doubt or loathing; healing needing to be done.


Goddess of Compassion, War, Induced Death & Bias


  • FACING;  Compassion, even where expected and not. Open-mindedness; a different perspective. Understanding, even if tentative; empathy. Acceptance of faults and flaws. Emotional well-being.

  • REVERSED; Self forgiveness. A purge of negativity. Redemption. A resolution to troubling matters. Closure. Healing. A new direction. Rebirth. End of suffering.


God of Comfort, Warmth & Wax

  • FACING; Nurturing influences and subsequently also influencing others. Emotional stability. Sense of safety. Supported to the point of being a leg up. Accepted. Gratitude.

  • REVERSED; Turbulent emotions. A lack of trust, and safety with family, close friends and or lovers. Safety and assurance when not dealing with matters of the heart. Crossroads; decisiveness required. Security within the self. 


God of Vanity & Narcissists

  • FACING; False pride. Insecurity manifesting in cruelty and control. Underlying fear. Believing the visible surface is more important. Wearing masks. Desperation. Not being true to oneself; possibly due to fear and a lack of control. Lack of faith.

  • REVERSED; Putting oneself first. Charging forward. Confidence; perceived arrogance. Vilification.  Self preservation at all costs. Guile. Possibility of sadism/schadenfreude. Finally being on top. Irrefutable. Conviction.


God of Lies

  • FACING; Knowing what is right, but choosing something else; reasoning justified. Control through manipulation, as opposed to open communication. Sowing seeds of deception. Lurking & living in shadow. Masking the truth. Reality warped; unclear path.

  • REVERSED; Convincing oneself of falsehoods. Rewriting history to ease emotions in the now, not thinking of the bigger picture. Blinded by desires and avoiding conflict; ignorant of ripple-effect. Self-fulfilling prophecies. 


God of Excuses

  • FACING; Deception of self. Unable to face oneself. Denial. Empty words, broken promises. Excuses. Self-sabotage affecting those closest. A loss of stability; sudden change. Doubt.

  • REVERSED; Pervasive insecurities. Deception of others. Trying to save face; backfire. Tip-toeing around eggshells. Living on assumptions. Fear. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Avoidance.


God of Fire & Hunger

  • FACING; Hunger for power and control over oneself. Blind want potentially interpreted as need. Potentially impulsive; quick to jump. Zeal. Bullheaded. Misguided impressions. Immutable. Unyielding.

  • REVERSED; Lack of vital force, apathy, lethargy. Denial or devaluation of self and/or others. Misery, enablement of current unhappy situation(s); a pervasive tarnish or degradation of circumstance and lifestyle. A lashing out of frustrations; shortcomings. A lack of gratitude.


Goddess of Water, Will and Strength 


  • FACING; Resilience, strength, stoicism. Staying the course despite hardships. Seeing something to the end. Devoted to the cause. Unrelenting spirit. Determination, loyalty, stalwart. Healthy compromise where others are concerned.

  • REVERSED; Weakness. An opening for sabotage. Passive-aggressive behavior. Cruel ironies. Giving into despair. Detrimental stubbornness. Expecting blood from a stone. Not being true to oneself.


Goddess of Air & Sexual Dalliance

  • FACING; Lack of restraint. Hedonism. Self-serving to the point of risking offense. Infidelity. Free-spirit; using only instinct, visual observation, and practical judgment. Doing without prior research. Devil may care attitude. Playing by ear, no planning. Confidence. A potential loss of control/superficial behaviours, but nonetheless growth. Spontaneity. Freedom.

  • REVERSED; A deterrence of responsibility. Avoidance. Inner turmoil. Fighting with the self; trying to wrangle two spirits within one mind. If one denies pleasure, can one ever regain it? Trapped. A need for balance and/or compromise. Cowardice.


God of Earth & Harvest


  • FACING; Reaping rewards, one has done the work needed; a rest may be taken now from work or obligations if possible; if not, keep going in the current direction. Forging one’s ‘own path’ via the universe, though perhaps not the assumed 'natural' order. Persistence, patience and good will. Sure footing on the path, self-respect, trust, accomplishment. Hard work worth its results. Relief. 

  • REVERSED; The sensation of spinning one’s wheels; never-ending task. Refusing to give credit to oneself or others. Not delegating when one ought. Fighting against the natural order, or universe; forging one’s own path blinded by obligation or outside influence. Self-deceit and denying oneself rewards or recognition.


God of Wood (Trees)

  • FACING; Keep following one’s current direction. Good intuition, self-fulfillment. Understanding one’s self, taking control without malice. Harmony with all things; at peace with one’s decisions and others. 

  • REVERSED; Stumbling. Doubting one’s place, reasoning or purpose. Prevention of growth. Denial and discord; ‘As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul’; inner turmoil reflecting in one’s reality. At odds with oneself, perhaps to the point of tripping over oneself.


God of Gem and Minerals

  • FACING; Good things after a long time coming. Reaping what you sow. Patience paid off, relief. Self-reliance and self-stability if acknowledged. Inner harmony & discovery trumping outside voices. Foundations realized; fruition

  • REVERSED; Giving up too soon. Running away from responsibilities and hardships. Fickle, foolhardy. A lack or refusal of inner strength. Immaturity. Taking things for granted.


God of Lightning & Paths

  • FACING; Talents, personal qualities and strengths at fingertips, ready to go; healthy development. On one’s path so long as energy is honed. Following destiny. Achievement is within reach if one does their best. A push forward to grasp what is ahead; a lack of restraint is needed, relax, breathe, trust and do. Benefit to not only oneself but to others; a teacher, leader, inspiration. 

  • REVERSED; Qualities which are lacking and must be cultivated. One must dig their heels in; need for a stronger sense of self. Impeding oneself (knowingly or unknowingly) despite having the means or needing only to do a few tasks in order to be ready. Use energy for benefit. Negligence.


Goddess of Peace & Self Destruction

  • FACING; Potential of attaching too much importance to social conventions; a lack of authenticity. Superficial calm. Success hiding inner turmoil. Possible denial and refusal to see reality and too much attachment to a certain outcome. Outwardly influenced by existing traditions/people at the expense of developing one's own self and personality. Not expressing or speaking one’s own truth.

  • REVERSED; A state of limbo; distrust of self, lack of confidence in a decision that may benefit. Fear to move forward. Finding comfort in the known despite potential danger. Being in one’s own way. 


God of Hope

  • FACING; The start of a new venture, something to learn. Preconceived notions. Blissfully unaware. Blindly beckoning new things without understanding caution. Lack of experience. A lack of thinking for one’s self; crowd pleaser or follower. Hope & blind faith.

  • REVERSED; Expectations not matching reality. Risking major hurt & downfall. A potential to blame others for choices made; gullible yet believing to be blameless. Walking blindly; chosen naiveté. False sense of invincibility. Self-centered pursuit to gain an outcome that is not guaranteed.

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